Season 8 – The Ramp Up Begins!

Ladies and Gentlemen please lend me your ears! For today marks the official ramp-up to the HDWSBBL season 8! Already teams have sent their registration forms in to the staff here at headquarters and they have been submitted to the league commissioners who have formally passed them through. It is now only two weeks until the official start on the 5th September which promises to be yet another great season for fans and players from all across the Old World.

We caught up with HDWSBBL CEO and Owner Lord Carlous Xzan to talk about the new season:

I am thrilled to announce that the HDWSBBL has officially started to pass teams into the league ready for the upcoming season 8. I am confident as I always am that it will top the previous year with more action and daring do by all of the participating teams. The next exciting chapter of the HDWSBBL will be written this season and I wish all the teams who take part the very best of luck and may they all reach their goals.

Afterwards the league commissioners held a press conference to announce the draw as well as a couple of teams who would be taking part in season 8:

We are pleased to announce that the draw will take place on the 28th August at 7:30pm sharp. The league will be run and drawn as followed. The format of this seasons league will be as it was last season, The World Series will feature NWC and OWC conferences with two Divisions, North, South, East and West, in each conference. Every team will play 10 matches, three against teams in their own division, four against the teams in other division but same conference and then the final three matches will be against random teams in the opposing conference. The play off are run the same also with the top three teams progressing to the play offs while the bottom teams will be placed into the shield. The two Conference Champions will then face each other in the World Championship Super Bowl to determine the World Champion of Season 8.

The Draw will be run much like it is every season. Each team will be given a number and a matching token. These are placed in a bag and drawn at random by members of the HDWSBBL. Slot number 1 in each division is drawn first, then slot number 2 and so on until all teams have been drawn into divisions. Not change of the draw is permitted and any disputes must be taken up to the league board. The only other random draw which will take place later in the year will be for the shield, but details will follow once all teams are in.

I wish every team the best of luck this season!

Almost all the teams have been submitted and the league officials are only waiting on a few changes before they release the official line-up for the season. This reporter cannot wait to see what teams will enter this season and you can be sure that you will be told as soon as it hits the official channels.


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