The Draw has been Made!

Last night the draw for the World Series 2513/14 was made. Coaches, players and fans gathered round in anticipation to see who they would be up against in the new season. And here were the results:

New World Conference

North Division

  1. Nordenringen Titans
  2. Talos Tobacconists
  3. Jimps & Perps
  4. Biohazard DX
  5. Sect of Temptation

South Division

  1. The Asguard Marauders
  2. Har Ganeth Heartbreakers
  3. Arcani’s All Sparks
  4. Karond Kar Oblivion

Old World Conference

East Division

  1. The Wild Brunch
  2. Teotigua Flying Frogs
  3. Slannesh Big Society
  4. Drakwald Defilers
  5. The Riverside Rainbows

West Division

  1. The Tlaqua Spacehoppers
  2. Waterbowl Wanderers
  3. Nachthaften Nightlords
  4. Gog Magog Gladiators


With the draw now made plans and extra team-training is now under way for the teams knowing who they will face. This reporter likes the look of each division and this season will certainly prove to be yet again, entertaining.


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