Season 8 Fixtures – A Preview of 2513/14

Welcome back to Warzone,

The fixtures are now completed and I can give you some reaction to how the World Series 2513/14 will shape up in the coming weeks.

Week 1

05.09.13 Gog Magog Gladiators vs Waterbowl Wanderers
05.09.13 Nachthaften Nightlords vs The Tlaqua Spacehoppers
05.09.13 Slaaneshi Big Society vs Drakwald Defilers
05.09.13 Teotigua Flying Frogs vs The Wild Brunch
05.09.13 Har Ganeth Heartbreakers vs Arcani’s All Sparks
05.09.13 Jimps and Perps vs Biohazard DX
05.09.13 Talos Tobacconists vs Nordenringen Titans

Well what a week to begin with.  There are some really challenging ties here not to mention the tough matches for the Titans, Slaaneshi Big Society, and Spacehoppers.  A baptism of fire will be awaiting these teams but the tie of the week must be the Heartbreakers against the All Sparks.  Will the rookie Skaven take advantage of their natural high speed or will the crafty Dark Elves pull it out of the bag to get off to a winning start?

Week 1.5

12.09.13 The Asgard Marauders vs Karond Kar Oblivion

Another fantastic match up with a lot of potential for high quality Blood Bowl.  The Norsemen will be aiming for a winning start from bending and breaking their Dark Elf opponents but will they be able to catch them to hit them?  All will depend on the ferocity of each team.

Week 2

19.09.13 Waterbowl Wanderers vs Nachthaften Nightlords
19.09.13 The Tlaqua Spacehoppers vs Gog Magog Gladiators
19.09.13 Teotigua Flying Frogs vs The Riverside Rainbows
19.09.13 The Wild Brunch vs Drakwald Defilers
19.09.13 Karond Kar Oblivion vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers
19.09.13 Arcani’s All Sparks vs The Asgard Marauders
19.09.13 Talos Tobacconists vs Sect of Temptation
19.09.13 Nordenringen Titans vs Biohazard DX

This is the week when teams will begin to show what they are made of.  Do they recover from week 1 or dig themselves a bigger hole to climb out of?  Also we will see the first week of matches for some teams including the Sect of Temptation coached by the Janitor.  A large task is put in front of them though as they play NWC favourites the Tobacconists but the ladies have caused upsets in the past so this one will be one to watch.  Another match of interest will be the Flying frogs vs the Rainbows as the Flings meet the frogs for the first time.

Week 3:

03.10.13 Nachthaften Nightlords vs Gog Magog Gladiators
03.10.13 The Tlaqua Spacehoppers vs Waterbowl Wanderers
03.10.13 The Riverside Rainbows vs Drakwald Defilers
03.10.13 The Wild Brunch vs Slaaneshi Big Society
03.10.13 Arcani’s All Sparks vs Karond Kar Oblivion
03.10.13 The Asgard Marauders vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers
03.10.13 Sect of Temptation vs Biohazard DX
03.10.13 Nordenringen Titans vs Jimps and Perps

I have little doubt there will be blood on the pitch this week.  Defilers vs Rainbows screams death and destruction whilst the Big Society will be aiming to emulate their illustrious cousins in hurting The Wild Brunch.  Match of the week though is the vampires vs the ogres in a battle of the unreliable players with the victorious team being the one with players who keep playing.

Week 4:

17.10.13 Teotigua Flying Frogs vs Slaaneshi Big Society
17.10.13 Talos Tobacconists vs Jimps and Perps
17.10.13 Sect of Temptation vs The Riverside Rainbows

Only 3 matches this week but expect the “Baccies” to continue to march up the rankings against the humans and the Sect to pick up points against the Rainbows.  The Slann against chaos match could be a close run thing so this one is the one to keep an eye on.

Week 5:

31.10.13 Sect of Temptation vs Karond Kar Oblivion
31.10.13 The Riverside Rainbows vs Gog Magog Gladiators
31.10.13 Drakwald Defilers vs Nachthaften Nightlords
31.10.13 Slaaneshi Big Society vs Waterbowl Wanderers
31.10.13 Teotigua Flying Frogs vs The Tlaqua Spacehoppers
31.10.13 Biohazard DX vs Arcani’s All Sparks
31.10.13 Jimps and Perps vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers
31.10.13 Talos Tobacconists vs The Asgard Marauders
31.10.13 Nordenringen Titans vs The Wild Brunch


This week hails the start of the big matches with the NWC conference finalists of last year facing off against each other – Defilers vs Nightlords.  The Defilers are clear favourites for OWC glory this year (as they have been the last 2 years) but each season the Doc finds a way to well …. pull it out of the bag.  Will this season be the same or will Tzeentch finally change the luck? In the NWC the match of the round is clearly the “Baccies” against the Marauders.  Two class teams head to head in a preview of what might be the NWC final this year.

Week 6:

14.11.13 Arcani’s All Sparks vs Sect of Temptation
14.11.13 The Riverside Rainbows vs Nachthaften Nightlords
14.11.13 Drakwald Defilers vs Waterbowl Wanderers
14.11.13 Slaaneshi Big Society vs The Tlaqua Spacehoppers
14.11.13 The Wild Brunch vs Gog Magog Gladiators
14.11.13 Har Ganeth Heartbreakers vs Biohazard DX
14.11.13 The Asgard Marauders vs Jimps and Perps
14.11.13 Teotigua Flying Frogs vs Talos Tobacconists
14.11.13 Karond Kar Oblivion vs Nordenringen Titans

A very mixed set of matches this week with all of them having something to look forward to.  Personally I will be watching the Sly Sports update for Heartbreakers vs Biohazard and All Sparks Vs Sect of Temptation.  Don’t forget to catch “Hack of the Day” as I expect the Wild Brunch vs Gog Magog Gladiators to feature heavily this week.  You will also want to keep an eye on the Defilers vs the Waterbowl Wanderers as this one has the potential to be a classic.

Week 7:

28.11.13 The Riverside Rainbows vs Waterbowl Wanderers
28.11.13 Drakwald Defilers vs The Tlaqua Spacehoppers
28.11.13 Teotigua Flying Frogs vs Gog Magog Gladiators
28.11.13 The Wild Brunch vs Nachthaften Nightlords
28.11.13 Sect of Temptation vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers
28.11.13 Biohazard DX vs The Asgard Marauders
28.11.13 Jimps and Perps vs Slaaneshi Big Society
28.11.13 Talos Tobacconists vs Karond Kar Oblivion
28.11.13 Nordenringen Titans vs Arcani’s All Sparks

The Slann teams have a tough draw this week with the Defilers and ogre Gladiators looking to cause some serious damage.  I will be watching Biohazard take on The Asgard Marauders.  This one has the potential to be a very good match with tactics and strategies having to be altered to take into account both teams will want to hit.  I am not sure the Norsemen will want to get that close though.

Week 8:

12.12.13 The Riverside Rainbows vs The Tlaqua Spacehoppers
12.12.13 Slaaneshi Big Society vs Gog Magog Gladiators
12.12.13 Teotigua Flying Frogs vs Nachthaften Nightlords
12.12.13 The Wild Brunch vs Waterbowl Wanderers
12.12.13 The Asgard Marauders vs Sect of Temptation
12.12.13 Drakwald Defilers vs Biohazard DX
12.12.13 Karond Kar Oblivion vs Jimps and Perps
12.12.13 Arcani’s All Sparks vs Talos Tobacconists
12.12.13 Har Ganeth Heartbreakers vs Nordenringen Titans

There are many matches here that hang in the balance of one mistake or one heroic action.  History is about to come back to haunt us as old sparring partners Klaus Von Jaeger and Dr Victor Neckromortis come head to head again in what will be a tough competitive match.  Biohazard DX are also looking at a slobberknocker of a match against the Defilers as the “Rock will meet the Hard place” keeping the Defilers contained and out of the endzone will be DX’s priority in this match.

Week 9:

09.01.14 Karond Kar Oblivion vs The Riverside Rainbows
09.01.14 Arcani’s All Sparks vs Drakwald Defilers
09.01.14 Har Ganeth Heartbreakers vs Slaaneshi Big Society
09.01.14 The Asgard Marauders vs Teotigua Flying Frogs
09.01.14 Sect of Temptation vs The Wild Brunch
09.01.14 Biohazard DX vs Gog Magog Gladiators
09.01.14 Jimps and Perps vs Nachthaften Nightlords
09.01.14 Talos Tobacconists vs Waterbowl Wanderers
09.01.14 Nordenringen Titans vs The Tlaqua Spacehoppers

A new year and a fresh start to the HDWSBBL.  The new years gift has been given to the Nightlords this match who will fancy their chances against the Jimps and Perps; whilst the tough grisley matches are the Tobacconists vs Wanderers and Biohazard against the Gladiators.  “Hack of the Day” should be full of broken rats, frogs, flings and snotlings this week!

Week 10:

23.01.14 Slaaneshi Big Society vs Karond Kar Oblivion
23.01.14 Teotigua Flying Frogs vs Arcani’s All Sparks
23.01.14 The Wild Brunch vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers
23.01.14 Gog Magog Gladiators vs The Asgard Marauders
23.01.14 Nachthaften Nightlords vs Sect of Temptation
23.01.14 Waterbowl Wanderers vs Biohazard DX
23.01.14 The Tlaqua Spacehoppers vs Jimps and Perps
23.01.14 The Riverside Rainbows vs Talos Tobacconists
23.01.14 Drakwald Defilers vs Nordenringen Titans

Looking through this weeks ties I would expect some upsets.  None of these teams have a huge advantage over the other with exception of the Titans who look outclassed against the Chaos juggernaut Defilers and the Rainbows who will surely be carried off the pitch rather than walk off.  My fixture of the week though is the Flying frogs against the All Sparks which could bring about a back and forth match as the Slann will be looking to test the Gutterrunners durability and ball handling skills.

Week 11:

06.02.14 Karond Kar Oblivion vs The Tlaqua Spacehoppers
06.02.14 Arcani’s All Sparks vs The Riverside Rainbows
06.02.14 Har Ganeth Heartbreakers vs Drakwald Defilers
06.02.14 The Asgard Marauders vs Slaaneshi Big Society
06.02.14 Sect of Temptation vs Teotigua Flying Frogs
06.02.14 Biohazard DX vs The Wild Brunch
06.02.14 Jimps and Perps vs Gog Magog Gladiators
06.02.14 Talos Tobacconists vs Nachthaften Nightlords
06.02.14 Nordenringen Titans vs Waterbowl Wanderers

The final week of the World Series does not disappoint for action and adrenaline.  The Tobacconists will surely be looking for revenge against the Nightlords after they were dumped out of the NWC playoffs last season.  Will the vampires be able to take their foot off the gas for this match in a group where the Waterbowl Wanderers be challenging for top spot of OWC west against the Titans?  Following on from that we will see the Heartbreakers aim to hit the top spot of NWC South but with a game against the Defilers they will have to be on top form to take 3 points.  These, all the other matches and the final standings will be reviewed in our weekly round up.

For full predictions of the HDWSBBL standings visit the Doc’s Surgery on the TNN where Kai Konami will be discussing how they think the draw will pan out for all the teams leaving you in no doubt who they think will gain passage to the playoffs and who will be relegated to the Shield.

That’s all from me.  Have a good week of matches and enjoy the Blood Bowl.


Dedsmen Linarm – Warzone reporter

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