Lord Havlock dead and other news

Dedmens Linearm here with a breaking story that will rock the HDWSBBL!


Lord Havlock, former coach of the Manhunters, is dead.  I have been at the scene all day and night with the latest reports indicating that his untimely death, caused by a runaway lemon cart, is murder.   Blood Bowl officials, City Watchmen and Nuffles sacred game wizards have been searching for a small fat man carrying a broom and a spanner, wearing a blue cap and some dungerees who was seen running from the incident.  Officials have said if anyone has seen an individual please stay away from him for your safety as this man has been described as offensive to ears, eyes and noses of the public.


In other news :  Freshly zombified coach Arcani Spark was seen leaving the “Gory Gutripper Tavern” in early hours of the morning clutching 3 severed heads.  Rumours are that he is using them to keep his own grey matter going whilst trying to coach the team!

And finally: Bret Heartbreaker, coach of the Har Ganeth Heartbreakers, was called to the Witch Elf council after the loss to the All Sparks.  No one knows what has happened in the meeting but Heartbreaker was said to have come out shaking, white, walking like he’d rode a horse for 4 days and holding his rump.  I’d suggest he’d better not lose again or Nuffle knows what will happen to him.


This is Deds Linearm for Warzone.


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