Social Outlets of the HDWSBBL

Hello sports fans, Bob Fortune here of the HDWSBBL Press Office and today I would like to share with you the various ways in which the HDWSBBL communicates with it’s fans.

Team News Network

This is the main place to catch the latest news from the teams in their own words. But not only that you can catch the views and opinions of the most prolific characters and critics of the league including the Jainitor in the Broom Cupboard, Kai Konani (previous head coach of the famous Teotigua Predators) in Kai’s Korner and The Doc on his blog Ask the Doc. To catch up with the latest head over to the TNN following this link below:

Blockface! (Commonly known as Facebook)

The league keeps up to date with special announcements and other topics on their special page on this social network site. All you need to do is search for HDWSBBL in the search function and hit like to get the news as it’s comes.

Warzone! (A partner of Sly Sports)

The Warzone is the main place for all official news that happens in the league. Expect weekly summery of all the matches that took place, recent signings, obituary’s and other such news. Warzone: Extra Time! on the TNN also covers all the recent rumours that are ripe around the league so be sure to check that out as well. Not only this but if you are lucky enough to have cablevision then you can watch matches live on Sly Sports as well as live interviews and daily news on the sister channel Sly Sports News. Warzone has a prime spot on this channel daily so be sure to watch it every day at 6:00pm.


Not only can you view the news items but you can also comment on it! All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page, and where the tags are located there should be a comments link you can click. You can post comments here and also view what others have also commented too! This feature is ripe throughout the HDWSBBL website as well as the TNN, it’s free and you may post anonymously if you wish, the only requirement is an email address which is used to alert you if anyone makes a reply or comments on the same post as you.

Planned Outlets

The HDWSBBL Press Office are always looking out to improve the way news is reached to it’s fans and we plan to have these following features implemented as soon as possible:

  • Twatter (Commonly know as Twitter)
  • Revamp of the Warzone Main Page
  • Implementing the TNN to the main website
  • RSS Feeds
  • And updating social features.

So there are several ways to get involved with the social side of the league and there is plenty being reported about. If you wish to know more get in touch with us here at the press office and we will endeavour to reply to your questions and comments.

Happy Socialising!

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