Breaking News: Lord Havlock death enquiry update

Hi Dedsmen Linearm here live from Middenheim,


Further to the report of Lord Havlock’s untimely death an arrest has been made on suspicion of tampering with the lemon cart.  Spinz “the Spanner” Greshausen was taken into custody kicking and screaming amidst allegations of a cover up from HDWSBBL officials.  The halfling mechanic was dragged into the watchmen headquarters crying and I quote


“It’s a fit up!  I don’t own dungerees! You have to believe me!! It was the coach.. the COACH!!!!”


Of course this is a ridiculous statement as we know he was knocked down by a lemon cart not a coach and horses.


In other news rumours have circulated that the Doc has taken a talent spotting trip to the south of Albion and to Tilea.  Maybe he is in need of new blood ahead of his game against the Ogres of Gog Magog Gladiators?


Lastly: Arcani Spark, Coach of the All Sparks and resident Zombie, was seen sniffing around the Oblivion’s dressing room after the recent match.  Surely he was looking for more than a dirty jockstrap… but who can tell.


See you again soon on Warzone,



  1. It’s a bad business all right. I never fully trusted them halflings, no completely sane race lets that much hair grow on their feet. Oh sure, not to the same scale as elves, but ever since that nasty encounter with the Wherethehellarewe tribe a few years back I’ve always suspected something.

    Of course the big question here is what now happens to Havelock’s holdings? Presumably his wife retains ownership of Sect, but what of the Manhunters?

  2. Jojo try and keep up. The Sect of Temptation are Harthur Daleys team not the Havelocks. Lady Havelock only coached them, badly. As the for the Manhunters they now the property of Harthur. As stipulated in Lady Havelocks contract a poor performance on her part would need to be recompenstated by any means seen fit by Harthur. So he took the Manhunters.
    As for the rest of the Havelock estate and holdings it is believed he left it all to a tree.
    Which I now own,
    In my Garden,
    But not for long,
    Its worth a lot me chopped down…


    1. Be fair janitor. I can’t be expected to keep up with every Z-list Blood Bowl team in this league… just the ones I own.

  3. Never trust a halfling…

    Or a mop-carrier.

    da Dok is gonna need new rekroots after his sparkly blood-sukkas has played der ogres, not before…

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