Breaking News: Billy Bones out of retirement and Vampire is punch drunk!

Good Afternoon I am Deds Linearm,


Reports have surfaced that the Captain of the Grimwood Voodoo, Star player and our favourite Cockney Skeleton the one and only Billy Bones is coming out of retirement.  Pictures have been circulated of Billy shouting at and blocking a brand new team of undead followers.  Could this signal a new rise for the top star in the HDWSBBL?  No one knows if he will be playing or coaching but it looks like Billy is back in a leading role. We tried to get a few words with Billy Bones but he informed us he was too busy at that time and indicated he’d see us shortly by raising two fingers on his hand probably indicating he’d be two minutes.  However, we are still waiting for those words.


In other news Lord Marek Von Nachthof, Captain of the Nightlords, gave a press conference following him injuring 4 players in the match against the Waterbowl Wanderers.  The match in which the Nightlords lost their 2nd successive match Lord Marek seriously injured 2 elves and 2 of his own team.  When asked if the vampires were self-destructing this season after their outstanding breakthrough in 2512-13 the vampire captain stormed out and drained a Bloodwiser babe of more than her Bloodwiser.  Is this a sign of a very unhappy camp in Nachthaften?


And finally, Arcani Spark beloved HDWSBBL zombie has been rumoured to be trying to make himself mortal again with help from Erebus Fateweaver of the Drakwald Defilers.  Lets hope the Chaos Gods don’t curse Arcani in the process.


See you next time on Hack of the Day and Warzone.


  1. The only reason we would make Arcani Spark mortal again is to have the satisfaction of killing him ourselves.

  2. NO NO NO… Nothing is wrong at Castle Nachthof. Everything is perfectly fine. Lord Marek had to attend an urgent training session.

  3. The kind of urgent training session that involves all of the petty cash, the better looking cheerleaders and a teleportation spell to southern Lustria?

    1. No JoJo, he was brushing up on his blocking ahead of the Defilers game. We were very unlucky that game but we still have a good record against the chaos.

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