Season 8 – Week 3 and 3.5 – Bring me Skulls!

Hello Everyone Dedsmen Linearm here for another edition of Hack of the Day.


We have been on a bit of an extended break but as always I am joined by Handsome Alan to go through the matches which have been played in the HDWSBBL.  Where to start this week Alan?  Lots of matches and lots of injuries.

Aye Deds, Aye lots of injuries but not from the games you’d expect.  As lots of teams played twice over the time we had off in Lustria so I think it’d be betta if we rounded them up team by team.  Le’s start with NWC North an’ the Tobacconists.  A match against the humans of the Jimps and only 3 minor injuries a poor showin’ to be honest.  The manager must be hanging his head in shame though they won 4-0 buh who cares?


What about the other teams in NWC north Alan?

Well both of the other matches were damp squibs as well.  Not even the Sect got hit hard only 2 minor injuries against Biohazard DX! That’s shockin’! The human on human match was better than that let down with 3 injuries for the Jimps


Ok lets move onto the south division.  Any really good injuries?

You jokin’.  This week in the NWC is really poor.  No lasting injuries though South is better than North with 7 injuries.  This entire conference had better up it’s game.  Hopefully we will see a much better return.  Disgustin’


Lets move quickly onto the OWC then Alan.  What about the OWC?

Now we are talkin’! Let’s begin with the Nightlords.  Two matches against the Gladiators and Waterbowlers and loads a’ destruction.  4 thralls with minor injuries over two games,  not to mention that the vampires drained 2 other thralls, we also had one thrall who won’t be moving as quickly after a broken ankle and a vampire who had to regenerate broken arm (the cheating bastard)! Tackles were thrown in all over the place and a wizard set the pitch alight! brilliant! More like this please. 


Great Alan, sounds like the Nightlords are being shown who’s boss this season.  What about the other side of this conference?

Best ’til last Dedz, best ’til last.  Looking at the Slaaneshi rookies they had two crackin’ matches.  They caused 5 injuries against the Flying Frogs including 1 cracked skull – oh and what a crack it was even Deffy Deafson heard it in the top stand of the stadium as the Chaos warrior hit the little amphibian.  To top it off another frog will hav’ a problem for the rest of his days witha  damaged back.  Fantastic stuff!  They follow’d it up with removing 3 Brunch halflings from the field in their next match.  Wonderful! 

Talkin’ about halflings the Rainbows were involved in 2 of the bloodiest matches I have ever seen.  In the two games they had 3 dead and caused 2 deaths of their own against the Sect 5 deaths in 2 matches! And from Halflings unbelievable! The Rainbows are my team of the week by a country mile.  Keep it up you little men.  Dedz it was so good I almos’ shed a tear.


Well thanks Alan and thank you for being with us on Hack of the day.  From me Dedsman Linearm, good evening.

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