Season 8 – Week 4 – Bring out your dead (and injured)!

Greetings Blood Bowl fans and welcome to Hack of the Day,


With me today as always is Handsome Alan, welcome Alan.

Thanks Dedz, I hope we have as good a week as we had last time especially from the halflings!

I do too Alan.


Our first match tonight takes us to the Riverside as the Rainbows try to create a good run of results against the Gog Magog Galdiators.   What a match we had here Alan 1-1 and the Rainbows holding out for the draw.

Sod tha’ Dedz.  I keep tellin’ ya it’s all abou’ the body count.  This one could have been fantastic for destruction bu’ what happens? Nothin’.  Aboslutely nothin’.   Nine players removed from the field of play and not one of them with any telling injuries.  A bruised rib here and a broken toe nail there.  Wha’ was going on? These ogres have been disappointing all season you’re never gonna break records unless you break some bones.


Ok, well lets look at the fixture of the season so far the Defilers vs Nightlords.

A bit more like it Dedz, bu’ only one true injury as a thrall had a bone non-surgically removed from inside his leg.  Nice break and forced the player to go crying from the field.  The best bit though was the vampires bleeding another two of their own players dry on top of the 3 the Chaos did.  No wonder the Defilers won the match.  My advice – stop bleeding your own players off the field!


Nordeningen Titans vs the Wild Brunch.  Now here was a match that could have gone either way but ended as a draw 1-1 and to top it off it had 5 casulaties registered Alan.

Aye, what a great match.  1 human and 4 flings.  Now one fling got off lightly but the others?  Ha ha not as much. One had his ankle crushed beneath a steel toe cap.  Another had his skull fractured and finally a broken hip to the last hobbit!  Wonderful! I watched the crystal ball replay of this match and it is now one of my favourites.  The clothesline that took down the halfling for cracked skull was majestic.  Forearm to the face and slam the little bugger on to the knee armour cracking the helmet and driving a bit of the iron into the littl’ man’s heed.  Makes an ol’ pro smile just watchin it! Just the sort of thing for Hack of the Day.  These Titans are definitely team of the week for me

I hoped you viewers enjoyed that one as well.  I laughed so hard I nearly cried.


How about the other matches Alan?  Anything tasty there?

Dedz I am disappointed with the rest.  Nothin’ lasting from any of them  The Tobacconists didn’ even register a casualty when they played the Marauders an’ I’d have thought that was an ideal opportunity to get a few.  Disgustin’ really.  Shockin’ play from a good team.  they’ll have to improve.


Well thank you for your insight Alan.

I am Dedsman Linearm for Hack of the Day.  See you next week.



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