Breaking News: Janitor throws big party, Nekromortis under the microscope and Billy Bones voices his opinion!

Good day to all you Blood Bowl fans!


Fresh news from the HDWSBBL: First on our broadcast – The Janitor has been reported to have thrown a wild party after the Sect of Temptations victory over the All Sparks.  The party lasted all night but main issue for The Janitor wasn’t the costs or the hangover but the fact he had no friends to invite.  Chin up Janitor next time try to build some bridges.


Also: Dr Victor Nekromortis has been in hiding since the loss to the Riverside Rainbows.  Rumours from Sylvania are that Lord Marek Von Nachthof is considering finding a new coach for the vampire team after 4 successive losses.  Nekromortis is in fear for his immortal life after a meeting at castle Nachthof made it clear it is  “Do or DIE!” for the remainder of the season.


And finally: The immortal Blood Bowl legend Billy Bones has a new “twitter” feed to voice his opinions on.  To sign up to these updates from the HDWSBBLs top commentator, pundit and superstar please look for him @BillyBonesBB3.


That is all from me Dedsman Linearm.  Good day.

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