Season 8 – Week 5 – 5 to go!

Hello everyone and welcome again to Hack of the Day with me Dedsman Linearm,


No Handsome Alan today as he is ill with Nurgle’s rot after a game of touch Blood Bowl got out of hand.  However, this does give us enough time to look over all the results this week.


We begin in the NWC and with the lovely ladies of the Sect of Temptation away at Arcani’s All Sparks.  The Sect played out of their socks this week with Jenny Craig and Rita again staring for the ladies in what was a tight run affair.  With the All Sparks down 2-1 in the dying minutes a trip and dropped ball spilt to Jenny Craig who launched it to a grateful Rita to run in the TD that sealed it all.  Fantastic Blood Bowl from a team who are really looking to turn up the pressure in the final matches and reach the playoffs.  The All Sparks still have it all to do in their last 5 matches to secure a top 2 spot in the group.


Next today are the surprise package of last season The Asgard Marauders as they take on the resurgent Jimps and Perps.   The norsemen did what norsemen do after a few flaggons of ale and set about demolishing the Jimps players man by man.  Fur was flying as the Ulfwerners,especially Folkvangr, and the Yeti took players off the pitch.  With fewer men on the pitch the soft southerners rolled over to a 2-0 defeat.  The Marauders now look to secure 2nd place in their group with the Jimps looking at a playoff spot with another couple of good points scoring opportunites.


Looking west the match between Kar Karond Oblivion and the Nordenringen Titans was a hum-dinger!  A cosy 2-0 win for these dark elves who look certain to take their group by storm was sliver-lined by 2 humans taken off in coffins.  The Titans have a lot to do to maintain their 2 point lead over the Jimps or it could be the shield for them.


In OWC the much favoured Drakwald Defilers faced off against the other 100% team in the league the Waterbowl Wanderers.   The pain dispensed by the Defilers was not enough this time and even with 4 elves injured they could not prevent the Wanderers continuing their seemingly easy canter through the teams in the HDWSBBL.  With 5 to play both teams seem secure to finish top of their respective groups but a poor result hear and there could see the heat turned up on them.


Moving to Lustria with the Teotigua Flying Frogs and their match against the hevily fancied Talos Tobacconists.   This one went with the form book and the 3rd season Chaos team steam rollered their Slann counterparts from the field and grabbed a well deserved 2-0 win.  That win ensured a clear gap in NWC north for “The Baccies” and retaining their top spot in the group which they also won last year.  The Slann are also looking good despite the loss and hold a tidy 2nd place above the halflings in OWC East.  A couple more wins for both teams and playoff spots are secured.


Finally in the OWC, East played West as this years overperformers The Riverside Rainbows squared off against an increasingly underpressure Nachthaften Nightlords.   With a multitude of stars, chefs and wizards in the crowd the Halflings pulled off a magnificent display that left Doctor Nekromortis screaming in the dugout.  Not only did the whily little men score the only TD of the match they also caused 2 more deaths from their opponents making this Halfling team the most deadly in the league!  For the Nightlords it is 5 more games and points to play for lets hope their season turns around and soon.


I hope you have enjoyed this Hack of the Day.  I hope to see you again next week and all the best.





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