Breaking News: Crushmass break and the NAF Championships

Festive greetings to all you Blood Bowl coaches and fans,


The Headlines:

HDWSBBL closed for Crushmass break:

Yes with the festivities in full flow the HDWSBBL finds itself closed due to all the stadia in the Old World being closed for Crushmass parties held by the local population!  This disgraceful behavior was brought to the attention of the league commisioner and league owner.  Unfortunately  due to the time of year they were to busy getting dressed up in silly costumes, looking behind them, singing, telling bad jokes and drinking large volumes of Bugmans to care.  Fixtures will now be moved to alternative dates and we look forward to the league continuing in 2514.


NAF Championships open for registration:

Have you ever wondered how good a coach and where you rank in the world of Blood Bowl? Do you imagine causing huge amounts of damage against a variety of players and coaches? or have you simply wanted to be part of the biggest tournament in the Old World?  Well at the NAF Championships you can do all 3!  News has reached me here at Warzone that registration is now open for all coaches.  So grab your playbook, hire the players, and get ready for 6 matches of premium Blood Bowl.  Will you be champion?

For more information go to:


Merry Crushmas one and all from Warzone.

See you in 2514

Dedsman Linearm

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