A Happy New Year

Happy New Year sport fans and welcome to 2514! This year will see the end of the current season (we hope) and the crowning of a new World Champion. So what can we look forward to in the coming weeks and months? Well here is a little taster just for you:

– Remaining Cross Division Matches

– Cross Conference Matches

– Play-Offs

– The HDWSBBL Shield Tournament

– Boudica Bowl II

So plenty to wet your appetites with and plenty to get on with as well. Fixtures and remaining matches have been changed after the lazy December month and outstanding matches will also be updated tonight.

Good luck to all the teams and coaches and may the New Year bring you success!


  1. Happy new year, chaps!

    Don’t forget to sign up now for the NAF Championship in May! I will be reffing this year, so I recommend a steady stream of bribes such that I fix your draw. I accept cash, women, booze and cash, any Thursday night.

    If you need any details, have any questions, etc. Please shout at me or Joemanji (I can get you his e-mail on request). This will be the biggest UK event of the year, don’t miss it!

    I’m also the man to talk to regarding the Eurobowl / EurOpen in Belgium come November (come visit and sign up at teamengland.freeforums.org to learn about the English team), and mark your calendars now for the NAF World Cup 2015 – Italy. Could a HDWSBBL team compete for global glory?

    Here endeth blatant advertising!

  2. Shameless Phil. I know I will be at the NAFC 🙂

    Eurobowl maybe a bit more difficult as the Wife’s birthday is around then.

    Italy… you never know. HDWSBBL could be there.

  3. NAF Championships yoo say?

    ‘ow much is one of dem flite fings from Tahiti to Nottin’am?

    If its gonna be all da best teemz in da wurld den da Gitz may ‘av to show up an’ skool dem all.

  4. Dr Goo!
    I’m hoping to make my way to the NAFC this year… I’m almost tempted to bring the goblins out of semi-retirement. I offer you The Doc’s wife as bribe payment… can I please draw Jimjimany in game 1, and Joemanji in game 2… then the rest of the world’s top 6. That should make for some fun 🙂

    As for HDWSBBL winning the world cup… are you on our team now?

  5. Sarnie!

    I will see what I can do with the draw. I like your sphericals!

    I shall be defending the World Cup with the Waterbowl (just incase lightning strikes twice), but it’s nice to be in The potential frame! I’d love to see a HDWSBBL team there, and you never know for 2019, perhaps I shall have fully moved allegiances over. If you’ll have me!

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