Season 8- week 6- Back in the swing of things

Happy new year all you Blood Bowl Coaches and fans,


Hack of the Day is back to update you will all your news and views from the HDWSBBL.  Once again I am joined by Handsome Alan, who has recovered from his terrible bout of Nurgle’s rot.  How’s it going Alan?


How’d you think it’s going Deds eh?  I have bandages all over my body, I’ve lost 2 fingers on one hand and I still have nits.  So how’d you think it’s going you stupid..


No need to be like that Alan.  Just making conversation.  Shall we look at the week 6 matches?  Where’d you like to start?


Where’d I’d like to start?  This week is a masterpiece week.  Stupendous week.  3 Matches had  7 or more casulaties in them!  You couldn’t have bet on tha’.  I am starting with the best match o’ the week – Teotigua Flying Frogs Vs Gog Magog Gladiators.  9 Casualties! 9! I almos’ wet me pants when I watch this one back.  3 major injuries as well.  Frogs should learn not to get too close to an ogre especially the one that can jump on top of your prone carcuss when he wants!  Squashed frog was on the menu in this match leaving one with a fractured pelvis, another with a crushed leg and a nicely done fractured skull! 2-1 to the slann but tha’ don’t matter.  Well done Gladiators team o’ the week boys… team o’ the week.


Onto the next blood bath Deds; Riverside Rainbows vs Waterbowl Wanderers.  8 injuries including 2 deaths Deds, 2 deaths!!! Another wonderful match.  The halflings had no chance agains’ the team of the season but to lose 2 of their ilk as well- marvellous stuff.  If the elves had done more damage and not taken 3 on their own stretchers they might have out done the ogres but it wasn’t to be.  Wonderful match to watch 3 touchdowns and decapitated shortfolk.  Crackin’.


Now we all know what the Defilers do well and tha’ is defile.  Boy did they do tha’ here.  7 injuries to the Spacehoppers and 1 player who can now barely pick up a mug o’ ale since being smashed in his neck and losing a couple of vertibrae.  It was like watching a student’s dissection class Deds.  Frog bodies everywhere.  Defilers won as well.  No surprise really. 


Looking at the other matches any stand out Alan?


Well… The Titans smashed the All Sparks apart with one dead rat splat into oblivion though they lost.  Tha’ was a good effort.  The Nightlords smacked 4 of the Wild Brunch from the field as they won but did nothing lasting which was a bit disappointin’.  Apart from it was a bit of a let down.  Yeah the Big Society won as did the Heartbreakers, Biohazard and KK Oblivion but where was the blood?  Shockin’ Deds… shockin’.


Oh well Alan there is always next week.  Sports fans that is it from Hack of the Day for another week.  I look forward to seeing you again.  All the best luck in the new year from us at Warzone.


Dedsman Linearm.

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