Season 8- Week 7- Ogres kill, Elves score- All’s back to normal!

Good evening Blood Bowl coaches and fans


Deds Linearm back for another exciting installment from the HDWSBBL.  Today I am without my co-host Handsome Alan as he is attending the annual Hall of Fame induction for Albion Blood Bowl players (he’s serving the drinks for some extra gold) so I will take you through the matches of week 7.


What a week we had; Starting in the decaying regions of the wastes with Biohazard DX holding the Gog Magog Gladiators to draw as the toxic rain melted the ball making it impossible to hold.  The Gladiators though took this to heart and put 4 players off the field and killed a pestigor whilst putting another in traction!  However, these guys weren’t the only team demolishing the opposition as the Asgard Marauders removed 5 Flying Frogs as they won 2-1 in the frozen north.  Obviously the cold weather didn’t help the cold blooded amphibians get going!  Lastly we have to talk about the Karond Kar Oblivion vs Riverside Rainbows who between them had a total of 7 players injured in their match – most of them elves- Ouch!


Touchdown scoring was led again by the Waterbowl Wanderers, who are taking the league by storm this year, putting another 4 TDs past the Talos Tobacconists.  But this was closely followed by the Sect of Temptation who scored a wonderful hat-trick for Rita agianst the Wild Brunch; and the Nachthaften Nightlords who continue their recovery by beating the Jimps and Perps 3-0.


As we run into the last few weeks of competition for the World Series the groups are taking shape.  Will your team be in the play offs or does the Shield loom in your future.


All the best and keep playing Blood Bowl

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