Season 8-Week 8- The beginning of the end

Well Blood Bowl fans week 8 has been and gone we surely are at the beginning of the end for World Series 2513/14.


Welcome again to Hack of the Day with me, Deds Linearm.  I am still without Handsome Alan as he got throw in jail during the Hall of Fame gala night after he spilt Norman “breaks – your – legs” Hunter’s drink and a fight broke out over who’s fault it was.


This week was full of action as teams jostled for places in the playoffs.  The Hack of the Day award for most brutal match falls to the Slannesh Big Society vs Gog Magog Galdiators and 7 players were seriously hurt on the grid iron.  This means with the ogres smashing 5 out of the way (including 1 more death and a smashed ankle to the chaos horde) that they are tettering on the brink of breaking the casualty record for a season.  The ogres are our team of the week again (3 weeks on the bounce).  Only 3 more to go boys, keep up the pain.   They were closely run by the Karond Kar Oblivion who scored 4 casualties of their own and despite killing 2 Jimps and Perps players- including star thrower Joe Pineapples- numbers don’t lie and you missed out by one on this weeks award.  Deaths seem to be the order of the day as well in the All Sparks vs Tobacconists where Megatron lost his life, and in the Flying Frogs vs Nighlords where again the curse of #8 haunts the Nightlords thralls and Alan Cart died a horrible death via a Morg N’Thorg spiked fist.


After all that the Defilers beat Biohazard DX and the Sect of Temptation pulled off a good draw against the veteran Asgard Marauders.


Well that is it for this week.  Come back again for another Hack of the Day.  Who will be team of the week?  Will it be you?

Deds Linearm

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