Season-8-Week-9 They think it’s all over!

Greetings Blood Bowl fans to the penultimate week of World Series 2513/14 on Hack of the Day.


Alan is on his way back to us after being released from jail for good behaviour (apparently he set up a blood bowl team in prison that cut costs on the executioners required).


As you can all imagine the World Series has heated up with all the teams clambering for places in the playoffs.  With each team trying to gain momentum into the knockout portion of the season who has smashed there way forward and who is falling in to the Shield?


Well this week there is only one match to start with a MASSIVE 14 serious injuries it is the Gog Magog Gladiators vs Asgard Marauders.  This match was unbelievable at the end the norse only had 3 players on the pitch.  One dead, one with a snapped back and plenty of game finishing injuries.  To top this off the Marauders took out 5 players themselves which was a good return against the wrecking ball ogres in  a 0-0 draw.  Again for the 4th week running the Ogres of the Gog Magog Gladiators are Hack of the Day team of the week!


No one else came close to the devestation of that match but the Defilers vs Titans provided 7 bone-crunching injuries in their 2-1 match with 2 dead including the infamous “The Colonel” who will be sorely missed, though we did all have Kenrucky Smacked Chicken after the match!


The deaths didn’t stop there though as another 2 fatalities were seen in the 2-0 loss for the Big Society vs KK Oblivion where the chaos lads weren’t so nice against a couple of lineelves.  The Nightlords drained 2 of the ladies of the Sect of Temptation straight to the grave as they won 2-1, whilst Biohazard DX also buried (or scrapped from the pitch) another player as the Waterbowl Wanderers beat them 3-1.  Though it didn’t go all the elves way as Jimjimany had his ACL ruptured meaning he won’t be as quick as once he was.


Looking back this was one of the bloodiest weeks for the HDWSBBL with 8 dead players equalling the “Day of Death” of 2509.  We will anxiously await for the final week to see who makes the play offs and who will fall into the shield


From me, Deds Linearm for Warzone, good night.


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