Season 8- Week 10 – That’s all folks

‘ello Blood Bowl coaches to Hack of the day,

It is me Handsome Alan.  That bugger Deds had me locked away for blumming weeks on some rubbish charge of beatin’ a former player up.  I di’ nothin’ of the sort, just smashed his face in a little.  Any way Deds can-ne be with us today as I have him locked away.  In a box.  Underground. So I’ll be running the show.


Well this week has-ne been as good as last week for mutalations bu’ the girly scoring has been outta this world.  Lookin’ at the matches only only one really stands out as a massive punch-up Asgard Marauders vs Slanneshi Big Society.  I did-ne see this one but I heard all the damage was done near the end as the Chaos lads killed one and gave another an fractured knee injury he won’t be shaking off.  Brilliant stuff making the Big Society the Hack of the day team of the week although they lost 1-0.


Apart from that the best violence came from the Allsparks and Riverside Rainbows.  One death a piece but a shockin’ performance from the rat boys as we all know Halflings fall apart really easy despite a 4-1 win.  Otherwise the injuries were rubbish no one getting hurt so bad they were callin’ for their mothers!


The other part of the game – ball playin’- showed that he Waterbowl Wanderers were well on form beating the Titans 6-1! The Flying Frogs put 3 past the Sect of Temptation as did the Wild Brunch against Biohazard DX.  Well done the ‘flings! Other than that the Nightlords beat the Tobacconists 2-0 and we had two forfieted matches.  A terrible waste of players in my opinion let ’em play and die with honour!


So onto the playoffs wildcards as Gog Magog Gladiators play Teotigua Flying Frogs with a huge chance for blood to be spilt on the pitch.  Nachthaften Nightlords take on Slaaneshi Big Society in the other OWC match to goto play the Wanderers.  In the NWC Biohazard DX vs Arcanis All Sparks and Asgard Marauders vs Sect of Temptation are your matches.  Good luck to all and remember that a good opponent is a fouled to death opponent!

All the best,

Handsome Alan

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