Season 8 – All’s Well that Ends Well:

Greetings Blood Bowl Fans and Fellow coaches,


It is I Doctor Viktor Necromortis or “The Doc” to you uninitiated people. I have taken control of “Hack of the Day” for this final instalment of the season to bring you the summary of the season and the “Bloodweiser World Series XI” 2514.


Looking back through the season I think it has been astounding that the teams have achieved so much.   The Talos Tobacconists showed their full potential and reached the Superbowl after winning the New World Conference; Teotigua had the Flying Frogs stroll into the playoffs semi-finals; the HDWSBBL had no fewer than 10 new teams join its ranks and records have been smashed (all too aptly in the case of the Ogres and their casualties)!


That brings me to the Finals of our illustrious competitions of the New World Conference, Old World Conference, Squitters Cup (the Shield) and the Superbowl.   The NWC as I said earlier has been won by the chaos red machine of Talos Tobacconists who finally showed all the grit required to beat the unbeaten Karond Kar Oblivion and take the trophy.  Well done to the team a huge achievement and shows what hard work and application can do.  OWC this year was closely contested as the Waterbowl Wanderers beat the Drakwald Defilers (who lose their 3rd successive conference final) to take their first trophy in the HDWSBBL.  The “best of the rest” title fell to the Har Ganeth Heartbreakers who ran rings around the very impressive Riverside Rainbows Halfling team but unfortunately their luck ran out when it was most needed.  Finally (no pun intended) the Superbowl 2513/14 was won by the Waterbowl Wanderers.  After an impressive start by the Tobacconists many fans saw the Elf team battered and bruised but Coach James Bonsack underestimated Elf versatility and instead of leading 1-0 at the half the elves grabbed an equaliser at the whistle.  Receiving the ball the elves took no chances and quickly made it 2-1 in the 2nd half and held out for the win as the chaotic destruction ground to a halt.  Congratulations to the Wanderers and commiserations to the Tobacconists it was a fantastic game.


Lastly it falls to me to name the World Series XI sponsored by Bloodweiser.  This year has been incredibly difficult.  So many good and game changing performances have left us with a plethora of talent to choose from.  However, I have narrowed it down:


#1: Thrower: Jenny Craig (SOT) – Again and for the 2nd year this girl has shown all the elves how it’s done in the passing stakes.  Jenny has teamed up well with Rita this season and the passes have floated and flourished with this Amazon calling the shots.  Great performance.

#2: Lineman: Wandlebury (GMG) – Did someone call for destruction? Well this ogre deals it out with 11 casualties in the World Series alone (not to mention his exploits in the playoffs).  As a coach why wouldn’t you want him on your line?

#3: Lineman: Asgoth “The Furious” (DD) – Narrowly missed out on being the top weapon of mass destruction by 1 casualty to Wandlebury.  Consistent over 3 seasons in his job.  What more can be said apart from “Can I have more than one of him?”.

#4: Lineman: Sesslith “the Seductive” (DD) – What better to go the other side of our Ogre than another Chaos Warrior?  Upping their performance from last season Sesslith has impressed with 8 casulaties and a most valuable player award.

#5: Blitzer: Duke Markus Varghulf (NN) – A rookie vampire at the start of the season who went in to the veteran Nightlords team just to steal the lime light with 6 touchdowns, 2 casualties, 3 passes and 4 most valuable player awards.  A “fangtastic” return from the joint “Player of the Season”.

#6: Blitzer: Matt “Hustle” Haddelback (NT) – I know what you are saying a Titan’s player making the World Series XI?  However all you have to do is look at the casualty stats and you can see why.  10 games 1 TD and 9 (yes 9!) casualties and 2 MVPs.  You will win many games if you can kill your opponent and this guy knows how to do it.

#7: Runner: Arcani Spark IV (AAS) – The other “Player of the Season” scored a Hat-trick in his last match and has 10 TDs all season.  Enough said.

#8: Runner: Gorsquakor (DD) – A season doesn’t go past without this player being on this list.  A slow start but his quality shone through as he lead the Defilers to another Playoff final.  One of the top players in the league.

#9: Runner: Balder (AM) – Another player who’s second season form pulled his team to the playoffs almost single handed.  Consistent scoring and ability to inflict pain on his opponents Balder is another player who can play runner, catcher or blitzer in any team.

#10: Catcher: Rita (SOT) – Without Rita and Jenny Craig the Temptation girls would have been shield bound but this woman is a class above when it comes to scoring.  10 TDs in 10 games says how valuable she can be for a team.

#11: Catcher: BeanBag (WW) – Lastly but not least a winner of the Superbowl with the Wanderers scoring 7 TDs in his first World Series and becoming a supplementary blitzer for the team.  Creates space for the other members of the team to work in.  A brilliant debut season for this elf.


Well my friends that is it for another season.  I wish you all the best for your post-season recovery and preseason training.  See you all next season in the HDWSBBL.


Dr Viktor Necromortis

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