HDWSBBL takes the prizes at NAF Championships 2014

Good Morning Blood Bowl Coaches!


Fantastic news from the NAF Championships 2014 (or should it be 2514?)!  HDWSBBL came, saw and conquered!


Gitz and Shigglez coached by Sandwich went 2 wins 2 draws and 2 losses to WIN THE STUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP!

Facing off against some of the biggest names in Blood Bowl including new president Beppe and Chance from Three Die Block (who he pitch cleared!) Sandwich gained the coverted “Stunty Lord” cloak in round 3 and 4 only to lose it to NazGob in round 5.  With the tension building on the last game of the championship Sandwich pulled a fantastic draw to steal  (well they are goblins after all) the cloak and the trophy from the NazGob’s Halflings hands and bring it back to the HDWSBBL.

Surely this means we will see the Gitz back in the league soon after their Old World tour.


All hail the Lord of the Stunties and the newly self-styled “Stunty World Champion” Sandwich.




  1. How is dis newz?? Everywun noes we’z da best stunties of all time!

    We woz gutted, too games against dem beardy gitz stopped us from winning da hole fing.

    And OI!! Dok, get yer fakts rite… I coaches dem Gitz, Sandwich is just my drunken assistant.

  2. I don’t… feel… drunk.

    If you book them they will come. Well, if you book me, I won’t, because if I do my fine lady wife will probably murder me in my sleep.

    Ricky is HDWSBBBBBL vice-captain, he can go!

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