Draw for the 2514/15 Season

Last night the annual pre-season draw took place to determine the conferences and the divisions. Not only this the leagues chairman had a special announcement:

The HDWSBBL are pleased to announce that the Challenge Cup will be back in the seasons schedule. This Championship Cup has not been contested since the Spite Challenge in  2510 and myself and the board decided it was time to bring it back. We have secured a two season sponsorship deal with Sly Sports who were more than willing to offer their services, they have also pledged to pay the prize money and cover all matches on their broadcasting channels.

We are also in talks about another competition which could feature alongside the Challenge Cup, but it will be awhile yet before a decision about this is reached.

More details will soon follow about this Championship in the next few days. But in the meantime we are pleased to announce the World Series draw as followed:

** New World Confrence (NWC) **

NWC North

Oxmoor Savages
Fairy Wizards Guild
Ashut Titans
Carcassonne Province Paladins

NWC South

Monster Mashers
Slaaneshi Big Society
Mordheim Comets
Arkham Black Towers

** Old World Confrence (OWC) **

OWC East

Valhallen Vixens
Nordenringen Titans
Mycenaen Marauders
Darkfleet Assasins

OWC West

Black Mountain Bloodjaws
Temper Bay Marauders
The Brewers



  1. When I brought the Burners back for one more season, I was kind of hoping for a year where I could coast my way to glory on my skilled up Chaos Dwarf Frontline and my array of comedy hobgoblins.
    I certainly wasn’t expecting to get the division with two other 2+ year old teams…

    …and Karl.

    But then again, I’d imagine that’s what Alex and Callum are both saying as well.

    When will we know who were facing on Thursday?

      1. If I could choose, I’d have been in East division, taking the Vixens Spot. Two rookie elf teams and James Humans against my Chaos Dwarfs? Yes please I would have had some of that.

        South looks like an odd mix of teamstyles. You’ve got bashy teams like Big Society (Chaos) and Black Towers (Undead) then you’ve got a pair of teams with great running play potential in the form of Monster Mashers (Necro) and Mordheim Comets (Skaven) It’ll be interesting to see if the Skaven can survive surrounded by teams capable of inflicting crippling damage to them.

        North is another mixed bag: Chaos, Chaos Dwarves, Humans… and Ricky.

        1. Turns out to be quite an apt name, the Paladins, in a division with three evil chaos teams. Can’t wait to getting started in my first season!

  2. What in the hell are the Vixen’s doing back in the league. Have you lost your bottle Janitor? I thought you were coaching Dwarves?

    1. Gotta better offer Doc. Started training with the Middienheim Manhunters.
      Got to get the old boys fit again and settle the new lads into the team.

      But dont worry. I’ll be keeping an eye on the league an giving my input as an when it needs it.

  3. Dwarves would have been really good in the division he got actually. All that Tackle everywhere, what’s that Mr Elf? You have Dodge? That’s nice. GET TAE F**K.

    1. The commissioner will put the scores up for the whole of week one once they are played but as a spoiler: Black Towers 2-0 Big Society; Savages 2-1 Fairy wizards; Bloodjaws 2-0 Blackburners; Vixens 2-2 Titans; Assassins 2-0 M.Marauders.

      The Doc

          1. No you bloody won’t. You were beaten fair and square!!! If I’d had 12 players on the pitch that’s another matter… *looks around and whistles* …………….nothing to see here!

          2. Wouldn’t put it past ya Doc to field 12 players.
            U know u struggle to count past 10 when u run out of fingers.

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