Season 9: Warzone, TNN and HDWSBBL

Hello Blood Bowl Fans and Coaches,


Deds Linearm live here from HDWSBBL headquarters looking to bring you a brief preview of how you can interact with the HDWSBBL, staff, coaches and pundits.


Here at HDWSBBL we like to interact with all the coaches and fans of Blood Bowl and there is no better way to do that than the Team News Network.

  • Get insight from Kai Konami on statistics, great players of the seasons past and present, and not to forget guest interviews.
  • Join Dr Viktor “The Doc” Nekromortis in the Surgery for team tactics, special pre-game analysis on big games, and predictions on the competitions.
  • Speak to orc coach Shigglez about who is “Gud an’ whoz izzn’t”


Also don’t forget to check the HDWSBBL news and Warzone magazine for all your important updates about fixtures and competitions.


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Deds Linearm


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