Sly Sports Vase Championship 2514/15 Draw

Last night the draw for the first stage of the newly created, Vase Championship, was held. It features the knocked out teams from the first round of the Challenge Cup which gives them a second chance to win a championship this season. So without further ado here it is:

Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Black Mountain Bloodjaws vs
Darkfleet Assasins
To Be Determined To Be Determined
Nordenringen Titans vs
To Be Determined
The Brewers vs
Mycenaen Marauders
To Be Determined
Valhallen Vixen’s vs
Fairy Wizards Guild

There is one match left to play in the first round of the challenge cup between Carcassonne Providence Paladins vs Blackburners, due to take place next week. Either of them will be facing the Oxmoor Savages in the Challenge Cup Quarter Final or Nordenringen Titans in the Vase Championship.

Good luck to the coaches in this competition.


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