Season 9 – Week 4 – Leaguing all the way!

I wont be doing the cup games next week, why? Nagash is back. That’s why. Also, quick bit of advice, don’t overthink it, but; if you live in Nuln? I’d consider a holiday in the next couple of days, don’t bother to pack anything, just go. As I said, no need to think too much on it.

Monster Mashers Vs Oxmoor Savages

After their complete pounding by “The Hut” last game, Oxmoor were in a bad way. Half the team were in either a hospital or a morgue and basically the Savages had to ask if any of the fans had bought their boots with them. The resultant team was a ramshackle amalgamation of second-stringers, youths and drunks and all credit to them, that is how most Bloodbowl teams get started. In short Oxmoor made a brave stab at it, but the Mashers were having none of it and got a win that normally they’d have to work really hard for.

Luckily for the Savages those injured players will be fine for the next game, something the Blackburners will be happy to hear I’m sure!


Brewers Vs Darkfleet

After several shakey games, I think it’s fair to say that Darkfleet have hit their stride now, with the kind of high-agility cheatery and buggery that we all know and hate from Dark Elves. The Brewers played a despondent game and Darkfleet got the victory. These Dark Elves are going to be a problem as all elves are, I can feel it.


Comets Vs The Huts

Of all the teams I would expect to stop “The Hut’s” spree of violence and murder, Skaven aren’t high on my list. Well, comparatively speaking anyway. I mean it was still by normal standards a fantastically violent game, but by “Hut” standards, it was a bit on the slow side.

“The Hut” did manage to secure a 1-0 win with their solid defence and high aggression, but I feel that these early games may now give “The Hut” a lot to live up to. People are going to be constantly wondering why after 6 turns of play the other team isn’t all dead from now on.
It’s a big responsibility being known as a brutal psychopath.


Nordringen Titans Vs Blackburners

The Burners had finally gotten a win, a big one at that in their cup game against the Carcassone Paladins. Would this mark a turn of fortunes for the Burners, and be their first league win? Or would the Titans which were at last showing real if intermittent form this season nip it in the bud?

The resultant drubbing that Blackburners doled out actually beat goal difference records for this season and had many of the fans, team and coach wondering where on earth these wonder players had come from. The truth I feel isn’t quite as simple as that. On the one hand Blackburners played well, and after Mr Fumbles’ hat trick this game he is looking for an award for “Most Ironically Named Player”. Although despite lobbying from the Burners the Commission hasn’t commented on it as of yet. However, when you’re opponent refuses to defend his wings after going three-nil down because bull-centaurs keep checking his thrower I think any team can look good. Few will forget an openly weeping Titans coach begging the Burners for mercy this game.


Fairy Wizards Guild Vs Slaanesh Big Society

In the shock upset of a season filled with shock upsets the Fairies actually manage to win a game! Principally I think this was down to two factors. Firstly it’s a little known fact that Morg loves to score as the deep receiver! A highly jammy set of manoeuvers from Ezra Scariet enabled him to do just so. The Elf (ELVES AGAIN!) was so pleased with her successful pass she almost grew a second head! The second reason being that both teams featured equally discordant team colours and several times both teams, me and the fans got confused as to who was playing for what team or which end zone they were supposed to be scoring in. The Fairies proved able to take advantage of the confusion and score a 2-1 win.


Carcassonne Paladins Vs Arkhan Black Towers

The Paladins bounced back from their loss last game and gave an excellent showing against the Towers. The Towers though were having none of it, and slowly but methodically ground the Paladins down for an eventual and inevitable win. The Paladins still made a good showing as always but the Towers are very much one of the teams to beat this season.


Bloodjaws Vs Vixens

On paper this could have been the mismatch of the century. But there was one unexpected factor in play. Due to Bloodjaws usual coach: Urgrash the Fleshtearer was called up for a local WAAAAAAGH for a few weeks. So it was good news for the Vixens as the Bloodjaws would have a stand-in coach, the bad news is that this stand-in coach was Zandarik Deathbringer infamous coach of the equally infamous Karond Kar Korsairs.

Undeterred though the Vixens put on a storm of a game and Zandarik never quite connected with the Jaws playstyle leaving the Vixens to squeak out a draw that was very very nearly a win for them, only foiled in the final moments when Inga managed to trip over her own feet. What easily could have been a complete bloodbath for the Vixens turned into a real nailbiter that nearly came with the fairytale finish.

– JoJo

Quick Summary of Week 4

  • 7 games in Cross Division – World Series 2514/15
  • 18 Touchdowns scored
  • 17 Casualties caused (0 resulted in Death)
  • 11 Completions made
  • 26,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 4

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

World Series 2514/15 – Cross Division

Player Statistics for the (Week 4)

Best Players

# Player Position Team Value
1 Doggy Werewolf Monster Mashers 21
2 Ezra Scariet Dark Elf Renegade Fairy Wizards Guild 19
3 Prince Ehtar Mummie Arkhan Black Towers 18
4 Vilestorus Ghoul Arkhan Black Towers 16
Lhakhi Harsh-Foot Chaos Dwarf Blocker Ashut Titans 16
6 Erika Thrower Valhallen Vixen\’s 15
Viktor Runner Valhallen Vixen\’s 15
Ludual Sharpfoot Runner Darkfleet Assasins 15
9 Pennington Beastman Oxmoor Savages 14
François de la Maine Catcher Carcassonne Province Paladins 14

Top Scorers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Viktor Runner Valhallen Vixen\’s 5
2 Gutwrencher Ghoul Arkhan Black Towers 4
3 Garash Rockhead Blitzer Temper Bay Marauders 3
Mr Fumbles Hobgoblin Blackburners 3
Vilestorus Ghoul Arkhan Black Towers 3
Shurtrik Floor-Hugger Hobgoblin Ashut Titans 3
François de la Maine Catcher Carcassonne Province Paladins 3
Ezra Scariet Dark Elf Renegade Fairy Wizards Guild 3
Bris Goat-boy Hobgoblin Ashut Titans 3
10 Inga Runner Valhallen Vixen\’s 2

Most Vicious

# Player Position Team Value
1 Prince Ehtar Mummie Arkhan Black Towers 4
Silvious Soulreaper Wight Arkhan Black Towers 4
Kaine Soulshredder Blitzer Darkfleet Assasins 4
4 LaQuinton \’Cuddles\’ Evans Ogre Nordenringen Titans 3
Hagfang Skullbringer Black Orc Blocker Temper Bay Marauders 3
RK Jowling Chaos Warrior Slaaneshi Big Society 3
King Rhami-Tep Mummie Arkhan Black Towers 3
Zhuthark Blood-Nose Chaos Dwarf Blocker Ashut Titans 3
Lhakhi Harsh-Foot Chaos Dwarf Blocker Ashut Titans 3
Korgak the Krazy Blitzer Black Mountain Bloodjaws 3

Top Passers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Erika Thrower Valhallen Vixen\’s 10
2 Émile De\’Manning Thrower Carcassonne Province Paladins 7
3 Ezra Scariet Dark Elf Renegade Fairy Wizards Guild 5
4 Ludual Sharpfoot Runner Darkfleet Assasins 4
5 Jager von Meister Thrower The Brewers 3
Buggerit Hobgoblin Blackburners 3
Izzies Ed\’ard Beastman Slaaneshi Big Society 3
8 Morgrat Shadowthrow Thrower Temper Bay Marauders 2
Blunderball Bironas Thrower Nordenringen Titans 2
Vrograg Spleen Chucker Thrower Black Mountain Bloodjaws 2

Top Interceptors

# Player Position Team Value
1 Blewit Smite Chaos Warrior Slaaneshi Big Society 1

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