Vase Championship Preview- Bloodjaws VS Assassins

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Viktor Nekromortis here again reporting directly from HDWSBBL main headquarters to bring you your latest match preview.  With the Sly Sports Vase Championship now under way with a convincing wins for the Carcassonne Province Paladins and the Valhallen Vixens we can now turn our attention to the tie of the round Black Mountain Bloodjaws VS Darkfleet Assasins.


Team overviews

Black Mountain Bloodjaws

The Bloodjaws were expected to hit hard, score TDs and ask questions after the opposition were lying face down on the pitch.  However with a run of 1 win, 1 loss and 3 draws this season Coach Urgrash the Fleshtearer has not had it his own way including,what many are calling a “lucky” draw against the prestigiously under-performing Valhallen Vixens.

Looking at the performance stats below it is clear to see that this team needs to turn the tide and get a grip defensively to be any threat to get the win on the scoreboard.  Team casualties are good and 1TD a game is enough IF you can defend the lead.


2514/15 Season 5 1 1 3 5 4 9 5 3 0 20


Overall the performances have been average but they have done enough to get a SPIKE! rating of 155 making them 3rd of the rookie teams this season behind the Ashut Titans and Arkhan Black Towers.


Darkfleet Assasins

We all know that HDWSBBL loves Dark Elves (even the worst Dark Elf team in the league won the shield!) so it was no surprise that the Assassins have started with a bang.  5 Matches played and only 1 defeat to the Black Towers (See the table below) in the first round of the cup.  The 100% league record is the only one in the World Series and sounds impressive until you read the list of opponents – Mycenaen MaraudersNordenringen TitansValhallen Vixen’s, and The Brewers.  They have beaten the “rookies”, “never have beens”, “never lived up to potentials” and the “couldn’t give a damns” in the league.  The only real competitive team they played against they lost.  However, saying that you can only beat what is put in front of you and this has promoted them to a SPIKE! ranking of  152.


Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
The Sly Sports Challenge Cup 2514/15 1 0 1 0 1 2 1 2 1 0 0
World Series 2514/15 4 4 0 0 10 2 7 5 4 0 100


When you compare the teams as a whole this should be a close one!


Player overview

Black Mountain Bloodjaws Darkfleet Assassins
Korgak the Krazy (Blitzer) – 14 SPP Best Player Ludual Sharpfoot (Runner) – 19 SPP
Hoknuk Helmsplitter/Korgak the Krazy(Blizter) – 2 TDs Top Scorer Ludual Sharpfoot (Runner) – 3 TDs
Korgak the Krazy (Blitzer) – 4 Most Vicious Kaine Soulshredder (Blitzer) – 5
Vrograg Spleen Chucker (Thrower) – 2 Best passer Ludual Sharpfoot (Runner) – 5
N/A! Top Inteceptor N/A!
63 Total SPP 89


Comparing the two sets of playing staff it is clear to see that the Assassins are a cut above the Bloodjaws.  More TDs scored, more completions thrown, roughly the same amount of damage caused with more deaths attributed to Assassins players.  However, all the threat seems to be put around two players Ludual Sharpfoot and Kaine Soulshredder.  If the Bloodjaws can quieten these boys the match could be a very one sided affair with orcy grinding the top of the Blood Bowl menu.



On offence the Orcs are going for PAIN! Only 11 dark elves on the roster means men off the pitch will play into the orcy grasp so expect the coach to look for damage.  He may even receive first just to get the first punch.

To make sure the ball is recovered the line-orcs will cover Vrograg Spleen Chucker as he picks up the ball (1).  The experienced blockers of the Blitzers getting initial assistance of the larger Black Orcs to crush the linemen.  If this fails the Black Orcs with their huge strength will go for a secondary hit to do that extra damage to the line of scrimmage (2) before Spleen Chucker runs it into the cage forming on the LOS (3).  Once within “Da Cage” the orcs will smack their way up the pitch until the thrower will either hand off to a blitzer or run the ball in himself.


Orcs off


Dark Elf defence above has two options either hold back and force the Orcs to one sideline until they have to rush out individually/pass or (1) prevent the cage from forming by rushing the backfield as the elves have the agility and the skills to put the thrower under pressure early on.  If the kick is deep this could be a great tactic however, if they do this they could risk being left behind as the orcs roll forward.


Dark elf off


Offensively the Assassins are much more varied.  They will want to receive.  11 elves vs 11 orcs is far more favourable in this case but they will have to play all the half to get the most from this play.  Tactically passing or running they can do anything but it will start with Ludual Sharpfoot (1). Though looking to possibly pass the Assassins will predominantly run the ball trying to punch a hole through the orcs or run around them.  The starting line up is all about flexibility and looks like the defensive set up.  The elves will screen away the ball carrier so a blitz can’t happen and 3 on the LOS who will look to dodge away from the Black Orcs after the ball is secured by Sharpfoot (2).  Engaging in “squig and mouse”  the elves will move one side then the other as they look for a weak spot in the defence to open up and then run through to the endzone.


Orc defence is about pitch control with sharpshooting blitzes (1) and cruching blocks with Black Orcs.  Dwindling numbers of the elves and good pitch positioning is the only way that the orcs can prevent the TD.  BUT do they want to prevent it? The elves score quickly plays back into the Orc claws and allowing grinding back up the pitch on offence.  This is dangerous but could play in to the Orc playbook perfectly.



This will be close.  Both coaches are good and the teams are close in rating.  This comes down to one thing only: Can the Bloodjaws do damage?  Yes – they win easily and run in at least 2 TDs.  No – Assassins run around the orcs and get through eventually to score at least 1 TD. I am going to say that the result will favour the Bloodjaws 2-1.  The coach will go for death and will get it as the Bloodjaws turn their season around.


  1. Yeah this game is going to be a close one to call.

    On the one hand Fleet are just on the edge of that point where they hit unbeatable critical mass, but they’ve only got 11 players, so they have no margin for error.
    The Jaws on the other hand have had a rough run of form, but they’re still a well made and played Orc team and you’d never bet against them.

    Honestly a lot of the Vase and Cup games seem really equally matched, and the Comets dealing the Mads their only loss this year prove that anything can happen in Bloodbowl.

      1. We’ll be dancing round them like they forgot their TZ’s. Probably end the game with 5 guys dead or injured but hey, peasants are cheap labor.

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