Bloodweiser Team of 2515

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As one of the last broadcasts from HDWSBBL headquarters I will be reviewing the best players from the 2414/15 season and who has made the Bloodweiser XI for this season.


2514/15 has been an amazing season:  92 matches played, 265 touchdowns scored and over 300 casualties caused!  We saw 11 rookie teams and 5 veterans of the past come and try to climb their way to the pinnacle of the HDWSBBL.  This is not a review of team glory though, this is a reminder of individual talent.  To highlight the giddy heights that only few reach I have created a team which could match any in the league and have the right to add “Bloodweiser XI member 2514/15” to their accolades:


 Blockers/Line of Scrimmage:

  • Lhakhi Harsh-Foot, Ashut Titans:  16 Casualties in 11 games from this hideous clawed dwarf.  Chaos surely favoured him and didn’t favour anyone he hit!
  • Prince Ehtar, Arkhan Black Towers: Who doesn’t want a mummy who is adept at blocking and help his teammates block?  9 Casualties identifies him as a lynchpin to this or any team.
  • Azhug Eyedrinker, Black Mountain Bloodjaws: 2 deaths in 9 casualties in 15 games.  Voted MVP 3 separate times.  A huge black orc who completes the Bloodwiser XI line of scrimmage – Nuffle help all who faces them.



  • Korgak the Krazy, Black Mountain Bloodjaws: Strong and agile this marvellous blitzer has scored 11 TDs and caused 10 casualties (including 1 death); this has him at the first of the 4 blitzer spots on my team.
  • Pennington, Oxmoor Savages: Another “Killer” player who is exceptionally quick over the ground and strong enough in the blitz to take down the mightiest of players.  He can also pass a bit… bonus!
  • Ueghor Ironjaw, Temper Bay Marauders: An orc from the veteran team who has performed wonderfully this season with 8 TDs and 5 cas.  A great addition to any team and a worthy addition to this Bloodwiser XI.
  • Kaine Soulshredder, Darkfleet Assasins: No one else has had an award named after them this season! Kaine has found infamy and immortality in the HDWSBBL.  You just can’t ignore him when looking at the best blitzers in the league this season.



  • Viktor, Vahallen Vixens: The Vixens had a good season in 2514/15 and the majority of this was down to Viktor performing magic on the pitch.  18.. yes 18 TDs, 1 casualty and 1 completion in 13 matches is just an unbelievable return from the “grandfather” of the league.  If the Vixens ever return they will hope that he never leaves for the halls of Valhalla – The best player in the HDWSBBL this season – he really is “The Daddy”.
  • Gutwrencher, Arkhan Black Towers: The top rookie scorer of the season with 15 TDs Gutwrencher also found some joy as a defender with his opponents unable to shake him off.  A ghoul from the top draw.
  • Mr Fumbles, Blackburners: No the Blackburners did not have a good season but Fumbles is one of the stars of the HDWSBBL.  Unparalleled in his agility and strong in the block he could take a team apart by himself.  Supported by the other players in this team I don’t think many teams could stop him scoring or decimating his opponents!



  • Erika; Valhallen Vixens: If you want a ball picked up, secured and passed to hands – Erika is your girl.  No fewer than 28 completions this season makes her the best at what she does.  However her crown could be at risk depending on how some of these rookies develop in the future.


Notable Mentions/Subs:

  • Émile De’Manning, Carcassonne Province Paladins:  A rookie with an eye for the pass and can pick out nearly anyone on the pitch.  This kid is good.  Wait for his second season!
  • Ludual Sharpfoot, Darkfleet Assasins:  He didn’t make the first XI as he seems to be a player still in development.  Learn how to block and we’ll talk again in the future.
  • Doggy, Monster Mashers: Werewolves are normally great players in the HDWSBBL and he showed all the promise of his predecessors with a good all-round performance.  Other players just outshone him this season.
  • Fluffy, Slaaneshi Big Society:  Everyone has a favourite “Big-Guy” and this is mine.  He causes chaos and confusion everywhere he goes and is exceptionally good at killing other Minotaurs as The Ox and Barbarr will tell you (we should have told them there’s only room for one Bull in this stud farm!).
  • Ezra Scariet, Fairy Wizards Guild: The best player from the Shield winners.  He scores, he passes, but he doesn’t like playing with anyone else on his team and this was the reason why he was left on the bench this time around.


Congratulations to all the players mentioned.  It was a fantastic season.


I would invite all of you to post below your player of the season and their most memorable moments of the season.  Congratulations again and I look forward to seeing you all next season for the 10th Anniversary of the HDWSBBL!


See you pitch-side,

The Doc


  1. François de la Maine was considered in the list but missed out narrowly to Gutwrencher and Mr Fumbles. I can’t wait to see him next season and get some more TDs. This time at the business end of the season!

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