And so it begins….

Greetings all you Blood Bowl coaches, fans and cheerleaders,


It is nearly upon us – HDWSBBL season 10!


This year I will be continuing with the match previews and analysis that we started last season BUT with an added twist I will be taking your commentaries and in-depth analysis and placing them on the HDWSBBL news site and Warzone.  Will Kai Konami predict the future winners and losers of the season? Has Jo-Jo found his lost golum’s limbs?  Which piece of wonderful insight can Shigglez bring to the league? Will that Bretonnian bloke Jancleod ever stop bothering me!  We shall see as the season unfolds.


See you all pitchside

Dr Viktor “The Doc” Nekromortis



  1. Yoo’z all a big bunch ov bendaz! Gobz iz gunna win da Leeg an add to our growin trowfy collekshun. Doez reffs iz gunna get a big load ov down as well!!

  2. It aint the Golems that I need to worry about. It’s that bloody dog isn’t it? Every year with the Shadows it’s the same, I’m doing fine and then that Bloody stupid Werewolf will trip over his own damn feet and the whole thing will fall apart.

    Oh well, at least everyone else on the team knows what they’re doing. Which on a team of mostly Zombies is bloody impressive let me tell you.

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