World Series Preview – Rangers VS Predators

Hello Blood Bowl fans and welcome back to the HDWSBBL!


The first week matches have all been done and what a first week with old rivalries renewed, legendary teams facing off against each other and a 4-3 shootout to the Manhunters!  BUT we are not here to talk about the Janitor and his bunch of old timers, we’re here to talk about a match between 2 of the biggest legends in all HDWSBBL history – The Loren Rangers and the Teotigua Predators.


Team Overview:

The Loren Rangers

No team is has won more 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies in the HDWSBBL than The ‘Rangers. Entrenched in HDWSBBL history Jordan Hawks wood elves are synonymous with the league.   Back especially for Season X (their 6th season!) they are looking to win the one trophy that has eluded them in their illustrious career – the HDWSBBL Superbowl Championship.  Slimmed down since going on tour of the Old World they have 11 elves and a treeman on the roster with two superstars in Elesser Everlong and Erison Youngwhite leading the new look team.  The ‘Rangers are the top scorers in a season with 60 touchdowns and have the most overall touchdowns record with 184.  Will they need such a rich vein of form again to get the trophy which has been out or reach?  With a Spike! Magazine rating of 326 it could be destiny that they lift the trophy in this anniversary season.


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Teotigua Predators

Reading this teams achievements makes you wonder how they have never won a major championship or any trophy.  Make no mistake however this team is one not to be taken lightly.  Over their two seasons in the HDWSBBL they have just got better and better and now are certainly better as a team than the sum of their parts which includes 7 (yes that is 7) huge lizards all trained for blocking.  They also have one star skink who can practically move anywhere on the pitch no matter who is marking them in Kimo.  With a Spike! Magazine rating of 252 these Predators are ones to watch not just the conference but the Superbowl!


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Teotigua Predators 26 16 8 2 61 49 30 38 12 0 62

Player overview

The Loren Rangers Drakwald Defilers
Elesser Everlong (Catcher) – 161 SPP Best Player Kimo (Skink) – 66 SPP
Elesser Everlong (Catcher)– 45 TDs Top Scorer Kimo (Skink) – 16 TDs
Oakton (Treeman) – 12  Cas Most Vicious Moxal (Kroxigor) – 10 Cas
Erison Youngwhite (Thrower) – 149 comps Best passer Kimo (Skink) – 3 Comps
Lauren Lightair (Lineself) – 1 Int Top Inteceptor N/A
519 Total SPP 207


Looking at the face of things The ‘Rangers players have achieved more in their careers but they have played 4 more seasons.  The Rangers and Predators both rely on a handful on a few main star players.  The Rangers will look to two main superstars of Elesser Everlong and Erison Youngwhite to win them the matches.  Oakton does add some resilience on the line of scrimmage but they will be up against one of the strongest Line of Scrimmages in the HDWSBBL lead by Moxal.    Don’t underestimate the Predators even though they have less experience – they were the last team to beat the Rangers before this season began!



Lizardmen and Wood Elves should give one hell of a match.  Both quick but one can hit whilst the other is all about ball handling and evasion.  The Predators will elect to kick if they win the toss.  They will spend the first half attempting to get the ball back in hand through Mikala and Liran harassing the elves and depleting the Woodies on the pitch.  (1) The line of scrimmage will hit all targets given to them with a mind to remove them from the field (permanently if possible!). (2) the open holes will allow the skinks to the backfield and a couple of them will attempt to interfere with the easy possession of the ball.  (3) If the elves easily move the ball away the quick skinks will reverse and attempt to prevent the score OR force the score so they get the ball back.


The Rangers will want to do one thing – score a hat load before they get removed from the pitch.  However, elves can score with only 2 of them on the pitch – one to throw it and one to catch it and run!  So how will these elves approach this.  (1) secure the ball in Erison Youngwhite very capable hands and screen off so no unintended attack is launched from the skinks.  (2) Remove the targets from the line of scrimmage by dodging everyone away from the saurus and kroxigor.  (3) Give multiple targets in the Predators’ half to pass a TD scoring opportunity and score quickly or at the optimal time.



Well this one will be a close as the first match between two legends of HDWSBBL but I think the Predators have the edge.  Not only are they as quick as the Rangers but they are stronger as well.  In Kimo there is a scoring machine who will also cause headaches in defence as well.  Include the inducements that they can buy from the league and I can’t see them losing this one.  3-1 win to the Predators with a late TD to crown a great night.


See you pitchside


The Doc

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