World Series Preview: Snow Leopards VS Marauders

Welcome back BB fans and coaches alike,


Week 4 played and done with a couple of classic matches which could change the face of the teams (literally the faces of the players) in  the Old World Conference and New World Conference.    This week I will be looking at the clash of bash from the frozen north the Suderholm Snow Leopards VS The Asgard Marauders.


Team Overview:

Suderholm Snow Leopards

Brand new and squeaky are these rookies but they have all the necessary bits to form a great team except the Yeti, whom I guess will be next on the list of acquisitions.  3 losses for the team so far on the records at the time of writing this but I heard they gave the Rangers one hell of a beating the other night (physically if not on the score sheet) and this will only build their players confidence moving forward in to this one.  A Spike! Magazine rating of 120 says that though they aren’t winning yet(i) they are on the right track.


2515/16 Season 3 0 3 0 4 7 5 9 1 0 0


The Asgard Marauders

3rd season for the mighty Marauders and in the past they haven’t done too badly including being runner up in the Old World Conference Play-Offs 2512/13.  However they have normally been a win or loss team with few ties in their history – typical Norse if you ask me.  Will the “Glass Cannon” fire or will it smash into shards?  A Spike! Magazine ranking of 212 makes the veterans favourites going into the match, but with a huge balance is this bringing the rating higher than the team is worthy of?


2515/16 Season 3 1 2 0 2 4 5 6 2 0 33
2513/14 Season 12 6 3 3 14 11 25 27 6 1 50
2512/13 Season 13 6 5 2 17 14 15 28 6 1 46


Player overview

Suderholm Snow Leopards The Asgard Marauders
Erik Icebreaker (Runner) – 12 SPP Best Player Balder (Runner) – 62 SPP
Erik Icebreaker (Runner) – 3 TDs Top Scorer Balder (Runner) – 13 TDs
5 players – 1 Cas Most Vicious Geri (Ulfwerner) – 6 Cas
Erik Icebreaker (Runner) – 1 comps Best passer Galar (Thrower) – 6 Comps
N/A Top Inteceptor N/A
38 Total SPP 180


This is a classic veteran vs rookie competition.  The experience is obviously with the Marauders but here and there they have a few war wounds (Which you’d expect if you play Blood Bowl with only loin cloths on!) and the Leopards could take advantage of this with their fresh faces.  As normal both Norse teams are skilled blockers so it could be down to ball handling and this is where the Marauders could have the advantages with their thrower but don’t over look the runners on both teams who are, from the stats at least, the stars of these teams.



Well both teams being of the same race have similar goals and that in this case is to try and take the opposition off the field and gain space to work with.  Whoever can win the toss will have a huge advantage.  They will get that first big punch at their opposite numbers.  Fur and claws will fly as the Snow Trolls will gouge at linemen, blitzers and each other and expect a player or two to go into the crowd.  On to winning the game though and the ball will need to be handled.  The Marauders have the advantage here and will be more reliable so expect a faster style of play with a pass or two whilst the Leopards look to run the ball more and more up the pitch.



This one will be close with a 2-1, 2-2 or even a 1-1 but definitely expect touchdowns and plenty of blood.  Who will do it?  On their day the Marauders can be unplayable other days they can be terrible.  The Leopards were unpredicatable until they demolished the Rangers.  If they can wreck another team they will be near enough uncatchable.  The Marauders just squeak it for me.


See you pitch-side

The Doc


  1. HA HA HA it says a draw in the report and I’ll take that as a plus point and the Paladins won! In your face Van Dame!!!

    1. DAMN YOU DOC! Still not by 5 TDs… Also as my little aside you can’t count that as a correct prediction when you predicted three different scorelines, one of which happened to be correct.

  2. 3 predictions on one report is my prerogative! If you want to predict the results you can write the reports.


  3. Reelly not shoor ‘ow “The Marauders just squeak it for me.” wurks owt as “itz gunna be a draw”. Looks like da Dok is dooin’ ‘is powagamin’ on ‘is predikshunz as well as ‘is playin’.

    Shigglez predikshun for da nekst rownd ov games: dere’s gunna be winz, drawz, ‘n’ loosez. Wiv sum tuchdownz as well.

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