World Series update: The race for the playoffs!



Today we have an exciting preview going on with the final matches of the World Series 2515/16 insight we have to look at who’s in, who’s out and who’s in the balance in both the New World Conference and the Old World Conference.


New World Conference

This is where the true action is this season and it has come down to one thing – Who will take the final Superbowl playoff spot in the NWC.  Currently sitting pretty and in pole position by 1 point are the Middenhein Manhunters, whose season started so brilliantly but a stutter mid-season has let the others back into the hunt.  Right behind them equal on 9 points are the HDWSBBL favourites The Loren Rangers and 2nd season veteran humans the Carcassonne Province Paladins.  Both these teams have had varying fortunes but have started to pull results when they need them.  The big question is “Who will make it and join the Defilers and Predators in the race for the Superbowl?”

The Run in:

The last game will be crucial for all the teams let’s have a look through them:

Middenhein Manhunters

Unfortunately for the Manhunters they are against the Defilers.  You can’t get tougher opponents in this league but there is a chance.  The Defilers play in one way and that is to hurt the opposition whilst Gorsquakor gets in the TD.  If you can prevent the cage moving and hurting AND (more importantly) score one of your own TDs you have a chance.  Do the Manhunters have what it takes to do that?  Yes.  Will they… that’ll all come down to the coaches confidence on the day as sometimes this team is just unplayable! Chin up Manhunters your still in the chase!

The Loren Rangers

Elf on Elf for the Rangers and they’d better be careful.  The Dark Wings of Fury are getting better and better each match and with inducements, that suit their hit and run gameplay, they could be a real handful for the Rangers.  The smart money is on 3 points back to Loren but it could easily be 1-1 “if” the Dark Elves play “hit the woodies” instead of quickly scoring!

Carcassonne Province Paladins

Garlic-munching cheese eaters as they were once called have done alright for themselves.  Beating the Rangers and only losing to the big teams above them.  They are the dark horses of this fight.  Their job is simple – beat the Asgard Marauders and do it by 2 or more TDs with a handful of casualties for the Norse and they might just go through “if” the Rangers and Manhunters slip up.


Who’s in the Superbowl playoffs?  Safe money is on the Rangers.  If you wanted a punt either way you say Paladins.  However, the long shot is the Manhunters.  Win and they are through, tie and it requires both the others to slip up, lose and the Rangers and Paladins will probably over take them.  Any way you cut it.  It’s going to be close.


Old World Conference

It’s the race for the top in this conference.  Who will finish at the summit and avoid the round one playoff tie?  Top of the division are the Universal Horrors by only one point above the Talos Tobacconists who are only one point above the Lustrian Snake Queens.  Who’s going to be top of the shop and who will be playing in the first playoff games against the NWC teams?


The Run In:

Universal Horrors

Straight from a victory over the Big Socs their next match is against the Goblins of Gitz and Shigglez.  You’d not bet against the Horrors from grabbing the win, especially if damage can be done to the Goblins early, but “The Doc” has a nasty habit of slipping up against stunties so will it be clear sailing?  You’d expect a win but a loss or draw could see teams over take the Horrors in the standings.

Talos Tobacconists

Playing the depleted Tail Slammers.  Enough pain inflicted here and the Baccies get the win, surely? You have to remember though that the Slammers have inducement gold in their pockets and this could prevent the Baccies getting the numerical advantage.  If this happens the Baccies could miss going top and end in 2nd or possibly 3rd.  They will be wanting to try and take players from teh pitch to get the win but if the Skaven can survive will they cause their own damage on the score board?

Lustrian Snake Queens

A lack of consistency this season has hampered the teams progress but they haven’t been injured at all.  Though now the Snake Queens have the hardest job of all and that is the Big Society.  Don’t let the record fool you Chaos are tough to beat and this team is no exception.  A few injuries and the ladies could be in trouble.  However, you’d expect all those skills in evasion could keep them alive.  Will they be able to dodge the bullet?  If not expect them to finish 3rd.


Who’s going to win?  Safe money is still with the Horrors.  Beat the Gitz and walk into playoff round two aiming for a Superbowl place.  2nd I can’t see it being anyone else but the Baccies though if they do lose to the Slammers they could move entirely out of the Superbowl playoffs and into the League Cup.  3rd should be the Snake Queens but if they lose and the Slammers get a tie it could be enough for the Slammers to dispose the Queens to the League cup.  In short – it’s still all to play for in the top 4 places!


See you pitchside


The Doc


  1. Honestly, I can’t see the Snake Queens losing against the Big Socks, that team is good, but they don’t have enough tackle to really deal with LSQ.
    So with that in mind I think it’s all down to whether the Baccies can score a win off the Slammers.
    Once again, Ricky is the kingmaker, if he picks poor inducements and rolls poorly, or forgets about the Tentacles on that Minotaur, the Baccies go through to the superbowl. If his dice roll as they usually do and the Baccies can’t get into gear though? Then I could easily see LSQ going to the superbowl.

    Oh dear. I’ve just made official predictions on the website. You know what that means.

  2. And you were right. You altered time space to annoy Nuffle… Horrors had a horror show losing to Goblins, Baccies lost to Slammers. Now will Socs beat Queens?

  3. Well, it’s down to us to spoil the Paladins party (or the DWOF). Either way it’s been a mad season of Blood Bowl, far different from back when we dominated the scenes! Well played to all this season (expect the rats, the evil pointed ones, the evil twisted ones, the dead ones (lots of them) and anyone else we forgot to mention other than ourselves).

    1. Powergaming Bretonnians! Surely this is against Nuffle’s law! It does mean though that the Rangers have never won a Superbowl – still.

    1. She’s Dead! Though being a necromancer I did think about bringing her back as a zombie for the team until I realised the Graveyard needed a cleaner and the Janitor wasn’t available

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