The Predict off 2515-16: Round 2

Hi there folks,


An update from my last post.  Now we know a couple more of the results we can put together a full set of semi-final predictions! As always JoJo, Kai and myself will predict the winners.  However, lets look at the scores so far

JoJo: 2 correct scores and a correct result = 7 points!

Kai: 1 correct score and a correct result = 4 points

Doc: 2 correct results = 2 points


Superbowl Semi-Final

Universal Horrors vs Carcassonne Province Paladins

(K) Chaps, I know that this one has been played and the result was leaked to me from the Paladins.  In good honour I will sit this one out.


(D) Well Kai that is good of you.  JoJo and I have put in some early predictions so I will put those down now.  The Horrors vs Paladins was the game I wanted.  I like the humans style and they played exceptionally well against the Black Towers last season.  A good marker of how they have progressed is their win over the much fancied Talos Tobacconists which was exceptional.  My Horrors also have a couple of men down including our Captain Fenris.  However, I don’t think that this will stop my team.  We will use the super-offensive nature of the Paladins against them and make sure we get the ball in hand more often than not.  This one is the Horrors and we will go to the Superbowl final.


(J) On paper, the Baccies should have had the Paladins, but somehow just didn’t turn up. SOMEBODY on that team has pleased their Far Eastern Betting Syndicate, that’s all I’m saying. Anyway, Paladins vs Horrors. That’s gonna be a real battle for the Paladins make no mistake. The Pallies have proved they’ve got a willful disrespect for the odds, but surely THIS is asking too much of them.
Predicted Result: (K) N/A (J) 1-0 to the Universal Horrors (D) 2-1 win to the Horrors.


Drakwald Defilers vs Lustrian Snake Queens

 (J) LSQ going through would largely negate the Defilers large amount of Claws, but Mighty Blow is still a bugbear to deal with though. Unless the Defilers bench half the team in the first half then it wont be them.  I say the Defilers are just too dangerous to stop now, but who knows what can happen?


(K) So here the Defilers are again, another semi final, another year and one game from the superbowl. But no Vampires or necro are standing in their way this time, instead their path is blocked by some very angry ladies. The Queens are much more complete than many might have expected after steamrollering the Predators last week, but they face a much more intimidating prospect in the mighty Defilers. The Chaos boys are desperate to add some silverware to all their dominance and I just don’t see the Queens having enough weapons to take them down. The Defilers have been stopped short a couple of times before but not this time, Defilers to the superbowl.


(D) Well I didn’t expect this and that is probably the reason why I am last in this little competition!  The power of the Defilers against the agility of the Snake Queens.  I think this comes down to pure pain.  The Defilers cause enough and they stroll through this match.  However, they don’t have any proven tacklers and this could be a problem.  I’ll this though the defilers will grind and grind the only thing that will stop them will be speed and the girls just don’t have enough of it.  Defilers to win.


Predicted Result: (J) 2-1 Defilers (K) Defilers win 2-1 (D) Defilers win 2-0


The League Knockout Cup

Middenheim Manhunters vs Innsmouth Shadows

(K) Another classic HDWSBBL clash this one, and if you know your history, the Shadows have a bit of a grudge from way back when Blood Bowl was in black and white and the Rangers won trophies. Nonetheless the Manhunters have been in flying form, only one game away from a play-off berth so this really can swing either way. The Shadows have a lot of momentum built up and it’s fair to say they’ll take plenty of stopping. I’ve been heartily impressed by the Manhunters this year, but I think last week might have made me a believer, so I’m going all out and backing the Shadows.


(J) After my boys put behind them 7 years of hurt and humiliation by taking the Loren Rangers apart at the seams in the last round, anything that happens now is just a bonus. That said, I’ve got a semi-final related score to settle with the Manhunters as well. The Shadows are eager to keep the momentum going, but the Manhunters have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat from me in the past in identical circumstances. Sure the Manhunters are missing a fairly big hole in their lineup right now, but they still have the advantage of numbers and inducements. I reckon the Shadows will squeek through on extra time, if at all.


(D) Well I’d not have expected for the Shadows to go and beat the Rangers so comprehensively!  It was impressive.  The Manhunters though have been very impressive this year as well getting early points on the board before going securing their 4th place in the league.  For me it all depends on which teams turn up.  If both teams come on form we have one hell of a match here.  Expect scoring and casualties taken from the pitch.  I’m just not sure if both will turn up on the one day.  The Manhunters will play very similarly to the Rangers and with Moist being no-longer with us I just think the Manhunters may not have enough in the bag.  It could swing either way but I’m saying the Shadows get the win.

Predicted Results: (K) 2-1 Shadows win (J) 2-1 Shadows in extra time (D) 3-2 Shadows in extra time


Tail Slammers vs Suderholm Snow Leopards

(J) You remember how I said “Being really jammy” doesn’t work as a long term strategy? Well, that’s because there’s an exception that proves the rule, and that exception is Enginegear of Mordheim! How will the Snow Leopards handle the smarmiest and most experienced Skaven coach the league has ever seen? Will they be left spitting in frustration and fury like the rest of us? You can’t stop the rat. Tail Slammers for the final.


(K) Easier ride than the Leopards had planned, but the result is the same, a semi final. When the Slammers have been good this year, they’ve been exceptional, stopping the Tobacconists from winning their division will rank as one of their all time highlights. But they face a team which has been steadily improving as the season has gone on, the Leopards are more than capable of putting the hurt on, and have shown that against better teams than the Slammers. Tough one to call this, but I’m banking on the rats having an ‘on’ day, painful as that might be to hear.


(D) The Slammers make a semi and they are playing well! It’s more amazing than JoJo winning the predict off.  I can’t see further than the Skaven here.  It’ll take a lot of pain to stop the Slammers and I think by the time this happens it’ll be over on the score board.

Predicted Result: (J) 3-1 Slammers (K) 3-2 Slammers win (D) 3-0 Slammers slam home the win!


Well thanks again folks.  See you pitchside for the play-offs.  Who will get to the finals?!


  1. Taking us apart? You seem to forget the previous times we have beaten you undead cretin as well as twice we beat you to win a Championship.

    1. Jordan, I bought a chainsaw WITH MY OWN MONEY just to murder as many of you as possible, my memory clearly works just fine.

  2. Horrors vs Paladins: dem ‘oomiez haz a fansy-pantz attakk n all, but dey’z not gunna get moar den 1 against a teem cowched by da mega-powa-gama Dok. Won’t be enuff. Horrors to win it 2-1.

    Shadows vs Manhunters: so everywun else ‘az gone fer da Shadowz? Dey forget sumfing… da Shadowz don’t do too good gamez in a row. Shure, da Littel Boy Huntaz is reeling cos sumwun finally got Moist, but deys gunna win dis. Huntaz to win 3-1

  3. Shigglez updayt:

    Soopa-Bowl: I gessed at ‘oomiez n lizzies winnin’, so wun from too. Didn’t do skores ‘cos no-wun told me da roolz, so we’ll say I got ‘e, rite as well. Free points.
    I also put dat ‘oomiez would get beet by da Horrorz, keepin dat predikshun. I ‘ad Defilerz beetin’ da lizzies but we’ll go wiv dem beetin da girlies insted, make it 2-0 beforr da ladies run off wiv lady problemz or woteva it is dey keep runnin’ off da pitch for.
    Wile I’z ‘ere: final predikshun: Horrorz win 2-1

    Loozer Kup: we had da deddsies losin to da Ranjas, but did get it rite wiv da norsies beetin’ da kaos. We sed da big pansie kaos lott wudn’t care, dey kared so littel dey din’t even show up. Anuvva free points for Shigglez! Nekst up: as abov… Littel Boy Huntaz win 3-1, ratz beet norsies 3-2. Err… dat meanz da Slammerz is winnin it all… dey’s gunna win da final about 4-3 in ovvatime.

    da Shield: fink I got dat wrong wiv da norsies/undedd… Gitz is gunna win 2-1, den we’z gonna win da final 2-1 as well.

    Shigglez skore so far: 6pts!

    1. Assuming I’ve translated what Shiggles is saying, I might have to agree with Shiggles on some of this, as distressing as that feels. Defilers are going to lift the cup though.

      But with regards to Slammers, honestly, I don’t think we’ve EVER seen someone play THIS deep inside their comfort zone before with a team, he knows EXACTLY what he can do with what he’s got and he’s got confidence to spare.

      However, to remind everyone, that will mean that the Slammers will have cups from both the Shield and League, and only require the Superbowl TO COMPLETE THE TRIFECTA AND THE PROPHECY AND USHER IN THE END TIMES.



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