Obituary: Moist Von Lipwig, Blitzer for the Middenhein Manhunters

Season ten is the season of returning legacies. Some of the greatest teams who ever graced the Blood Bowl pitch came back for one last hurrah at more glory and to re-live memories. Sadly, however, the Middenhein Manhunters and their fans are morning the loss of one of the greats and leading lights for Human Blood Bowl players across the old world. In a disastrous incident with the opposing fans, which Lipwig found himself, he was brutally killed by them. A tragic and unfair way for one of the leagues legends to go.

Although he wasn’t on the radar as some of the other great players in the league, Moist Von Lipwig captivated the very essence of what it means to be a Blood Bowl player, and what a dam fine one he was at that. Whenever there was a great Manhunters victory (they were few and far between) you would bet your house that Lipwig would be on the score sheet one way or another. His most memorable moment of course was being the first player to score four touchdowns in a single match against league minnows, the Highland Nut Crushers.

At the time of writing this he was ranked #12 All-time best players in the leagues history. Although he lost his touch on his return, along with the team, he was still previously regarded as one of the best players in the league. Here is a look back at some of his achievements (at time of writing):

  • 12th All-Time Best Player in the Leagues history with 110 SSP
  • 9th All-Time Top Scorer with 24 Touchdowns
  • Debut in the 2506/07 season
  • One of the founding members of the Middenhein Manhunters
  • Awarded best player of the 2506/07 season
  • Twice awarded best player in two competitions
  • First player to score 4 touchdowns in match now commonly know as “a moist”
  • Scored two hat-tricks
  • Ranked #1 Human Blitzer of All-time in the leagues history.
  • Only missed two games in his career
  • Became a Super-Star and reached over 100 SSP’s

No comment has been made by the Manhunters but a memorial statue has been planned to be erected at the Middenhein Bowl where fans can come and pay their respects.

For completeness here are his full statistics:

44 24 4 3 1 5 110

RIP Moist 2475 – 2515

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