Predict off 2515-16: Final round

Greetings to one and all,


They are here the matches that the season has been leading up to the Superbowl, League Cup and Titan Trophy finals.  Glory awaits for 3 teams this season but more importantly who will win the predict off?  Currently the scores on the dungeon doors are:


Jojo – 12 points

Kai – 8 points

Doc- 9 points


So lets get straight into the 3 matches which remain:


Superbowl X Final

Drakwald Defilers vs Universal Horrors

(J) This years Superbowl, is it any suprise that the Defilers find themselves here? No, not in the least. Heck, the Horrors making it here isn’t much of a shocker. But here’s the question that the entire season has been building up to: which one is better?  This is going to be a titanic struggle. The odds favour the Defilers as there’s no stopping them from racking up casualties and generally putting the hurt on, but the Horrors are as cunning as they are tough, and have not only an advantage in numbers, but also inducements. Enough to afford a man with a chainsaw and a mad gleam in his eye or worse. It’s also worth pointing out that the Horrors are no slouches in the murder stakes (ha!) either, I could easily see this Superbowl turning into an attrition game, but the Defilers have got to play cautious, as the Horrors have a faster running game than them. I reckon this is a game that’ll be decided on the toss. That makes predictions a right arse to do, as you’d expect. Sod it, I’m gonna suck up to and say that the Horrors beat the odds and the Defilers to lift the Superb-Owl.


(K) So here we are, the big one, Superbowl X. A few close run things in the playoffs, but in the end we got the game everyone predicted we would, makes you wonder why we bothered with the rest of the season really. Bitterness about my favoured team losing aside, the 2 best teams of the season will contest the Superbowl, as it should be. The Defilers didn’t look the all conquering monsters we know and love last week, but even through all the setbacks they came away with the big W, does this mean they’ve finally got over their playoff hump? If so, the Horrors need to be worried. But, and this is a huge, Ogre-sized but. The Doc is a pro at shattering the Defilers dreams, having never lost to them this deep in the season. I’m a romantic at heart and while my head says the Horrors will win Doc his second ‘Bowl, I’m going with my heart and saying third time lucky for the Defilers.


(D) Well well well.  We meet again my old friends.  How fitting that my 5th season should bring me back to a final against the team I have played in every season they entered.  I think there have been enough superlatives thrown around about the highly experienced Defilers.  They were the team to beat at the start of the season and still are.  My Horrors on the other hand have had their ups and downs but we are quicker and can cause hurt to the Chaos horde and I’ll have the ability to call on some inducements to help the team.  It will be close and if it goes one way it’ll be 2-1 Horrors otherwise it’ll be 2-0 Defilers.  Horrors lift the Superbowl this time!

Predicted Result: (J) 2-0 Horrors (YEAH YOU HEARD!) (K) Defilers win 2-1 (D) 2-1 Horrors for my Second Superbowl Trophy.


The League Knockout Cup

Innsmouth Shadows vs Tail Slammers

(J) I can’t stand playing this gobshite at the best of times, least of all with silverware on the line.  I’VE DONE IT BEFORE. IT’S NEVER FUN.  He’s looking at a monstrous amounts of inducements due to his playing only 9 players, most of which are just life-support for a quad of comedy Gutter Runners.  Frankly I couldn’t beat them in the season, and I’m not that confident I can do it now. But sod it, I’ll give it a go.


(K) I said I wasn’t going near this game, honestly, just flip a coin lads, lets all go home and forget all about it. The Shadows have taken JoJo to the proverbial boss-battle of his personal vengeance quest, the Rangers crushed, Manhunters destroyed, all that remains is Enginegear of Mordheim and his hated rats. With that in mind the Shadows will be up for this, playing the Slammers in a League Cup final? It just doesn’t get bigger than that for them. On the other hand, the Slammers are decorated, lets not forget that. They’ve been here, and they came out winners, you just can’t buy that experience. When all’s said and done, I’ve always said I’d rather be lucky than good, with that in mind, I’m backing them rats


(D) This is an instant classic of a match.  JoJo has been going through each of his personal vendettas this season in a bid for glory and now he finds himself against the Skaven of the ‘Slammers.  Could he have engineered it any better?  The ‘Slammers are not the team they once were but they have a myriad of inducements awaiting them and this could immensely change the face of this match.  For me though it is still in the balance.  This one will be the one to watch – Hell I want to watch this one!  If the Shadows do damage it’s all theirs if the scoreboard is impacted to heavily by the ‘Slammers expect clawed paws on the gold.  I’m being the romantic this time and say the Shadows have their revenge.

Predicted Result: (J) 2-1 to me (K) Slammers win 2-1 (D) Shadows 3-2 AET


Titan Trophy

Dark Wings of Fury vs Morgs Raiders

(J) It’s nice to see two new teams to the league have a shot at getting silverware. This has NOT been a friendly year for new teams, they’ve had to run up against teams that have well and truly reached critical mass. So it’s great to see the new talent make it to a final.  So, between the two, I’ve only played Morgs Raiders and he seems like a good coach with a solid grasp of the team, so I reckon he’ll have those elves.  Maybe that’s just my anti-elf bias speaking, but I reckon Morgs Raiders will prove me right in extra time.


(K) It pleases me greatly to see two rookie coaches contesting a final. I’m a big believer in the way new coaches are treated in this league, so a huge well done from me to both of these teams, a well deserved reward for their hard work. So, on to the game. The Raiders have been a threat for much of this season, certainly with a little more luck they wouldn’t be anywhere near the Shield this year. The Wings, conversely, have built up a little slower but their early shakes seem to have left them entirely that this point, and these Dark Elves are rolling. This is possibly the most difficult game of the trio to call, both teams are capable of beating the other on their best day. But I happen to think the Raiders have the edge here, however slight.


(D) Yes I echo my co-commentators sentiments with congratulations to two of our rookie coaches contesting this trophy.  They have also done it the hard way by beating some established teams along the way.  The Raiders have been impressive through the season getting points against some of the best teams in the league.  The ‘Wings have picked up late but better late than never!  Who will win?  Enough damage and the Raiders walk this but Elves are elves and he will be quick to move the ball and his players.  I’m going to go Raiders by the smallest of margins.

Predicted Result: (J) 2-1 Raiders (K) Raiders win 2-1 (D) 2-1 Raiders


Well that is that.  Look out for our final post where I will show our final tallies.  Good luck to all in their matches.  May Nuffle shine on you.


See you pitchside – The Doc





  1. My line of thinking with these predictions are: If I’m gonna lose the predict-off, I’m going to do it SPECTACULARLY.

  2. Shigglez updayt:

    6pts from da furst rownd.

    I ‘ad da Defilerz winnin’ 2-0. 1pt
    We had da Manhuntaz winnin’ 3-1… 0pts.
    We had da ratz winnin’ 3-2: close… 1pt.
    Gitz didn’t win: 0pts.

    So overall so far: 8 pointz.

    Soopa-Bowl: I’z said it all along. Horrors win 2-1.
    Loozer Cup: ratz is gunna win… maybe not 4-3 like I sed to start… letz go wiv 3-1
    Sheeld: emos gunna win it 3-2

  3. Congratulations JoJo, welcome to the Champions club (Shield doesn’t count, being a minor trophy and all that). And well done Doc on winning a second Championship Super Bowl, a truly great accomplishment, and you now join a lustrous group of two other coaches who have done the same. Kudos. I must also congratulate Morg’s Raiders on a fine win to take the Shield.

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