Predict off 2515/16 – Jojo WINS!

Hello Blood Bowl enthusiasts!


Well that was an exciting and tense set of finals.  Congratulations to all the champions enjoy your glory and trophies.  It’s why you got into the sport anyway!  To the runners-up commiserations there is always next year!


In the predict off between myself, Jojo and Kai with 2 results ending 1-0 and the Superbowl ending 2-1 to the Horrors it means by the narrowest of margins Jojo adds the predict off to his list of victories with 15 points.  Congratulations Jojo this season really has been a massive triumph in revenge and glory for you.  Long may it continue.


Here is a run down of the full predict off and shows that Jojo was indeed victorious with only 2 wrong results! Amazing.

Actual result Kai Jojo Doc
Titan Trophy
The Asgard Marauders vs Morgs Raiders 0-3 1 0 1
Dark Wings of Fury vs Gitz and Shigglez 3-0 0 1 0
Dark Wings of Fury vs Morgs Raiders 0-1 1 1 1
League Knockout Cup
The Loren Rangers vs Innsmouth Shadows 1-2 0 3 0
Slaaneshi Big Society vs Suderholm Snow Leopards 0-2 1 3 1
Middenheim Manhunters vs Innsmouth Shadows 0-2 1 1 1
Tail Slammers vs Suderholm Snow Leopards 2-1 1 1 1
Innsmouth Shadows vs Tail Slammers 1-0 0 1 1
World Championship Super Bowl X
Talos Tobacconists vs Carcassonne Province Paladins 1-2 3 0 1
Teotigua Predators vs Lustrian Snake Queens 0-2 0 1 0
Universal Horrors vs Carcassonne Province Paladins 2-1 N/A 1 3
Drakwald Defilers vs Lustrian Snake Queens 1-0 1 1 1
Drakwald Defilers vs Universal Horrors 1-2 0 1 3
Total Points 9 15 14


Well that’s it for another year!  I will hopefully see you all at the Challenge Cup.


See you pitch-side.


The Doc


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