2516/17 Season Ramp-Up Begins!

Please welcome our new HDWSBBL reporters Basco Headpatch (Riverside Rainbows Team Capitan) and Loktar Gaunt (Head coach of the Temper Bay Marauders).

BH: Good evening spots fans! And welcome to the start of the eleventh season of the HDWSBBL. This year is going to be a real humdinger with all new teams entering the league in what has been dubbed “Year of the Rookies”.

LG: Yea dem newbies are gonna getz a right old hankering dis year! I expect much carnage and lotz of dem touchdowny things throughout!

BH: But before we can even begin the season we should maybe run down the season format as well as how teams can sign up. So without further ado I will now hand over to the league commissioner to explain the details.


Season 11 Rules & Format

This season will feature brand new teams only, for this year only no returning teams are allowed to enter. Teams are to follow normal rules on entering the league which are detailed here in the league handbook, all teams are encouraged to read the league rules.

HDWSBBL League Handbook 1.4

The format will be the same as it was last year. But to new coaches here is a run down of how it will work. Team are split into two conferences of 8 with each team playing the other teams in their conference once in a mixture of home and away matches totalling 7 matches to be played. The winner of each conference will be crowned the conference champion and will win the Championship in their respected conference.

To reach certain play-offs you have to achieve a certain finish. The top three teams will enter into the Championship Super Bowl, with the conference champions gaining a bye into the semi-finals. Second place will play third place between the two conferences. Fourth through to sixth will enter into the League Knockout Cup. Similar format apples to the Super Bowl with fourth place gaining the bye into the semi-finals with fifth playing sixth between the conferences. Finally the seventh and eighth placed teams will enter into the Shield. Seventh will play eighth between the conferences, this will no longer be a random draw. At most each team will play ten matches with a minimum of eight.

The season will start on 1st September 2016 with a match taking place every other week from the start date. See here for a very basic date only schedule (to be tarted up soon!):

Season 11 Schedule

Alongside the start of the season on the first the draw will also take place at 7:00pm sharp to ensure plenty of time to play your opening match. The fixtures will then be uploaded and released that week, once released please ensure the commissioner of any holidays or evenings you cannot make to allow a reschedule during an off week. Please also try and prioritise the league before any other games to ensure not to hold up the rest of the league the off week is designed to allow catch up.

All teams are to submit a team registration form and a roster either electronically to HDWSBBL@gmail.com or in person on a Thursday night. Also on offer as per previous years is the background bonus. To gain this bonus also submit a detailed description of your team as well as a stadium background to gain 30,000gp to use after your first match. If nothing is submitted the commissioner may write something which doesn’t reflect your team as you want. All forms as well as a blank roster can be found here:

Team Registration Form

Blank Roster Sheet

Please also note the league expects teams to be fully painted and the correct race and positional to be represented. Points will be deducted. Also please note that the commissioner prefers that the online versions of rosters to be used rather than written ones. If a printed copy cannot be obtained the commissioner can be notified and he will print one off for you on the night. And finally with the impending re-release of Blood Bowl by Games Workshop, there may be rule changes by GW in the game. If this happens mid season the Rules will remain unchanged until the season ends. Once the season is finished new rules (if any) will be applied. Any problems contact the commissioner.


BH: A lot to take in by these new coaches but I’m pretty sure that if Loktar here can understand them anyone can.

LG: Woz you saying little man!

BH: Urrr and with that we bid you goodnight and a huge good luck to the new coaches. We will of course will bring you the news as it comes in!

LG: Yea wot he said!


  1. Well it’s good to see that the HDWSBBL is back! I won’t be participating but I will be observing. Good luck to all the new teams and coaches.

    The Doc

      1. I know I brightened your life Janitor. I know the league will be a darker and worse place without me 😉

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