2516/17 Season 11 – New Teams Part 3

BH: Welcome back sports fans. These teams are coming in thick and fast and with not alot of time before the seasons draw, teams are right up against the crunch to submit to enter. Today we bring you five more teams into the fray.

LG: An not a Elf in sight! Bloody marvellous! Although two fling teams is a joke, still itz nice that dey are willing to join to fill da numberz up. And wotz diz!!!?? Finally an Orcy team!! Thank Grom for dat! I thoughtz dis season would bez a right boring one!

BH: I would wait till you see the teams in full first Loktar before drawing those conclusions. And without further ado, I bring you our next batch of team previews.

Greenleaf Shamblers

A travlling troop of performers the Shamblers get their name by their costumes. The act includes the entire toop dressing and acting like zombies, but the routine has been enjoyed by many around the stadiums of the Old World which was what brought them to the HDWSBBL, the biggest gig around. The league officals however decided that dancing zombies doing the macarena were not in their plans so they decided to turn them down, but they did however send them to the one man who may be interested in their routine, the famous Harther Daley owener of the Manhunters and the Riverside Rainbows. Being the busy man that he is running teams he had no idea who they were or what they wanted so they just performed their routine to him. A wide grin sprang from cheek to cheek of the big boss and before the Shamblers had any say contracts were signed, cigars smoked, treemen brought in and now they found themselves thrust upon the biggest stage of them all, a blood bowl pitch.

(See Bridgetown Yellowbellies for an indepth anaylsis of Halfing teams and tactics).

LG: Good greif…..itz true, double da flingz. Maybe if dey formed togetherz an stood on each otherz shoulderz dey would actually be able to playz betta! 2 punts out of 10 off a cliff. Againz dey needz da hope!

Nahuontl Natterjacks

The Natterjacks came into being from the remmeance of the old Spacehoppers team who competed a few seasons back. In a match with Slanneshi Big Society the players all contracted some form of chaos disease with some reports claiming it wiped out the entire team, only the coach Axolotalan survived the ordeal. He retired back home and lived a peaceful few years until an invitation came from the HDWSBBL recruriting new teams to the league. He decided to form a new team, along with borrowed gold and many trials he had recruited a fine team indeed ready to take on the Old World once more. One thing that draws the fans to watch the Natterjacks is their pre-game ritual called the The Dance of the Three Snakes, or Kappa Haka. It is a dance that ensure maximum intensity and is sure to rouse fans and players alike, and even scare a few opponants too.

(See the Deadly Spawn for an indepth anaylsis of Slann teams and tactics).

LG: Dis is easy……allz I gotta do is show dem da cooking pot an dere silly dance turns back on dem. With da experiance of da last time da coach woz ere I reckon dey may do well. I still dontz like em. 7 out of 10 freshly cooked legs. Dey iz still da best part.

Osterwald Ravens

The Ravens go back during the NAF collaps of 2489, Count Stefan Von Starkgelt won the team in a game of cards off a very unfortunate officer. The team remained stagnet until Stefan retired from service and the real building begain in the late summer of 2490. After a long period in 2491 the team were ready to compete but after a couple of years playing in the Empire league they were pretty much dead last in all competions. It wasn’t until 2493 when the Branwasser Stadion was finally built and ready that the luck of the Ravens started changing. With more money they could start hiring the best players around Ostermark. Entering the 2516 Bugmans XXXXXX they really proved themselves to be a very well established team, so they decided to enter into the HDWSBBL to really prove themselves as the best.

Human teams are the most featured race in the HDWSBBL. Famous teams such as Ragnar’s Swift Velocity who were the first ever Championship Cup winners beating off the Manhunters in a gripping final, The Strickland Slammers who followed Velocity in winning the Championship II the next year, and the Carcassonne Providence Paladins who came third in the NWC and just lost out in the play off semi finals to the Ashut Titans. Human teams are really a jack of all trades. They have the best Blitzers in the sport as well as speedy catchers and can even hire in the likes of an Ogre just for good measure. Passing, running, smashing they can do it all.

LG: Ah da old enemy, nothing aganist da Ravens but I hope dat dey getz smashed in by da other teams. Nothing personal, just racial hatred. If dey can survive and bring da form from da Bugmans den dey should do wellz, butz we hopez dey wont. 6 out of 10 smash dem smash dem, SMASH DEM!!!!!!!


The only thing this team has submitted is either a new resterant menu or the most strangest Orc names to ever be put to paper. More details will hopefully follow soon.

Orcs are also very well represented in the league. Temper Bay Marauders (I had to mention them for Loktar!) sucessfully qualified three years on the bounce to the Championship and won a Divison one year unbeaten, but kept failing at the semi-finals, Beaumont Blitzers are also a very successful team who are also quite good as maiming the opponants, they are currently the best CAS causing Orc team thus far. The Grappler Flesh Grinders didnt play by the book and instead used to play the passing game, a quite unorcy thing to do, and finally the Highland Nut Crushers who were the wipping boys of the first season and created numourus bad records which some still stand to this day. Orcs rely on brute strength to take you out. Four Black Orcs and Blitzers are not uncommon in the starting line-up. They also can hire in a Troll and some Goblins to take care of some of the more menial tasks on the pitch. Use speed to out run them and try to stay on your feet as much as you can aganist Orcs.

LG: …………..Diz is a joke right?! Look at der freaking namez!!! I am ashamed to be a Orc with dis lot! If dey cause much carnage on da pitch then dat I can forgive, otherwize I may ave to take dem apart myself! 5 out of 10 shamefull shakes of head…..dey betta do da buissness or else!!!

The Chaos Brawl Stars

First formed as a ‘tribute’ team to the great Chaos All Stars, it didn’t take the Chaos Brawl Stars long to get noticed as a team in their own right, and when they beat the Middenheim Marauders in an exhibition match, inflicting 5 deaths in the process, their entry into the ranks of professional Blood Bowl was assured. As the 2516 HDWSBBL season approaches, the Brawl Stars, backed by a mysterious new benefactor, finally have the chance to show the world what they can do.

Chaos Pact teams have not had the greatest sucess in the league. Only three have entered Damage Inc, Finbar United and Fairy Wizards Guild. However Fairy Wizards guild did go on to win the Brunch Bowl (Shield) and curse away the Chaos deamons for the time being. The issue Chaos Pact team have is the animosty between the races. Sure you can take three big guys, but when they start messing around and failing you, then you have an issue on your side. If these issues can be kept in check the Chaos Pact teams have the strongest chance of doing well.

LG: Iz really hate dem evil gitz. Wez saw enough of dem when wez used to play an dey are pointy, butz dey are the best team to ave a good old ruck with, other than another Orcy team. 6 out of 10 mutations, wez are lucky wez dont ave any yet from playing dem.

BH: And that concludes this third preview! With only a day left before submission we can expect a few more teams to enter into the league during this time so as always we will bring you the latest as soon as we have it! Watch out for our Thursday special as we bring you the draw live! Please do follow our Twitter page for live updates and more @hdwsbbl, until then sports fans, Game On!

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  1. Some of you may wonder at the pronunciation of my team’s home temple-city. Depending on the regional dialect, it can be spoken in the common tongue as Na-yon-tul or Na-hon-tul. Either are acceptable (each coach to their own preference)

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