Season 11 Draw and Fixtures Go Live!

BH: The draw for the 2516/17 season has now been made! We can now bring you the full results and which team goes into which Conference this season! You will also find the League Commissioner has also submitted all the fixtures this year so please check out the fixtures tab for a complete run down of them.

LG: Oh boy! I cantz wait!!!!


New World Conference

Old World Conference


BH: A really interesting draw for sure! It’s going to be tough to call this one this year but we will try and bring you a predictions off from last seasons predictors, The Doc, JoJo and Kai as soon as we can.

LG: Manz I wish I woz with da Marauders in da OWC! Dey gotz all da squishy teams!!! Bah…..

BH: Lets hear your reactions coaches, are you happy, sad, scared of who you got? Leave a comment below to show your view. Until next time, Play on!


  1. Unfortunately the Natterjacks have had to miss out on playing tonight, even though that puts us on the back spadefoot in regards to my team gaining valuable experience towards some new skills and gold coins, it does allow me to safely red eye up the competition. In particular those Tunnel Rats who we’ll be facing in our first conference match. So may the Lightening strike and fry those hairy little bastards!

    1. We tried our best. We got two of them out for next week, though weren’t helped by two of the gutter runners hiding in the sin bin for half the game.

      Spare some change guv? Hic!

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