Season 11 – TheDoc Predicts

Welcome back to the HDWSBBL! You thought that you may have seen the last of me but I am here to look over the league and tell you who will finish where in the conferences this season.

Old World Conference (OWC):

What a rag-tag bunch of teams that enter the OWC this season.  Three stunty teams, Chaos Pact, Orc, two types of elf, some humans and my favourite the Necromantic.  This will be the more unpredictable side of the draw with those goblins and halflings causing havoc for every other team.  Let’s start at the top:

1st: Sartosa Buccaneers – Humans in a bunch of rookies will always do well.  Expect some good results and plenty of blood on the field.

2nd: Saphery White Towers – the last team with “Towers” in their name went on to win the Superbowl (I should know) and I think that this team will be nearly as hard to stop.  They’ll push for OWC champions all the way

3rd: Pastafarians – Orcs.  What more can you say.  Ideal BB players and start with a strong team.  They’ll start well and will stay up in the rankings for the whole competition.

4th: The Mousillion Patriots – I am betting that this team will carry on the tradition of the Innsmouth Shadows and current Superbowl champs Universal Horrors and get points on the board.  Expect them in the League cup.

5th: The Chaos Brawl Stars – This is a close one to call but get those big players playing and the elf working with the skaven and Pact can do it all.  Watch out for them.

6th: Cirque du Gobbo – They will cause mayhem and confusion on the field and pick up points on the way.  They could even make 5th if results go their way.  I am expecting good things from the circus folk.

7th: Bridgetown Yellowbellies – Flings! Wonderful.  They’ll steal points here and there but the big decider will be against their compatriots the Greenleaf Shamblers (which they’ll win) and the Revalations (which they’ll win).  Just make the League cup… just

8th: Greenleaf Shamblers – Flings! Wonderful.  I don’t think the Shamblers will give many people problems but if they get a few casualties against their opposition they could cause problems in this league.

9th: Anlashok Revalations – Elves but with a  rookie coach to elf play.  It’ll be hit and miss with them but I expect them to miss more than they hit. Shield bound.

New World Conference (NWC)

The “normal” side of the draw.  A good selection of teams here as well but no stunties so this could see points being stolen from each team as they playoff.

1st: White Lightning – Weston Blackthorn (I swear I’ve heard of him from somewhere else) coaches these elves and though they may be drunk 99% of the time I expect them to take a lot of points and TDs in this conference.

2nd: Osterwald Ravens – After their success at Bugmans earlier in 2516 this team will push on and claim a Superbowl playoff place.  No Griff Oberwald but they won’t need him “if” they play to their strengths.  Won’t be strong enough to beat the elves though.

3rd: Nahuontl Natterjacks – An experienced Slann coach and a good performance at Boudica Bowl IV tells me this team could score some serious points in this conference.  I feel 3rd to 6th may be close but the Natterjacks have the nouse to make it to the Superbowl playoffs.

4th: Blackwell Tunnel Rats – Skaven are well equipped to win games even as rookies.  Though the coach has no history in this league I think he’ll do ok.  Keep an eye on these rats they may finally be the skaven team we’ve been promised after all those poor Arcani Spark teams. 3rd is possible.  It could all come down to the head to head of Natterjacks vs Tunnel Rats.

5th: Kardashian Korsairs – Dark elves do have a good history in this league but mainly when they are skilled.  These aren’t nor do they have the training of the teams above them.  Expect them to win a few but they’ll more than likely draw more. 5th or 6th place depending on other teams results

6th: Ragnar’s Raiders – These norsemen should prove themselves very useful in a league with very few trained blockers.  Expect them to do damage to their opposition.  Will push for a top 3 spot and don’t be surprised if they get one but for me they lose out to some of the others.

7th: Reptile Dysfunction – Untrained lizardmen are unreliable and Arcani Spark will miss those Gutterrunners from the Skaven.  Expect them to be beaten early in the season and get better as they go on.  It could be too late for them by then though.  May get as high as 5th but won’t get near the Superbowl places.

8th: The Fury Little Animals: Difficult to place this team.  Chaos are strong but with no skills against highly skilled teams they will fight it out for a league cup place. It’ll be close but I think skill will out and they will be in the shield.

9th: The Deadly Spawn – A rookie coach and a new team spells difficulty against all the others.  This team could be good enough to go to 5th or 6th so don’t be surprised if they make the League cup but I think the Shield is a safer bet.
Well that’s all from me here at HDWSBBL Stadium. See you Pitchside

The Doc.

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