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Week 4 – Fixtures

This weeks fixtures are as followed:

New World Conference

3.10.16 Blackwell Tunnel Rats vs Reptile Dysfunction
13.10.16 White Lighting vs Ragnar’s Raiders
13.10.16 Osterwald Ravens vs The Deadly Spawn
13.10.16 Nahuontl Natterjacks vs Kardashian Korsairs

Old World Conference

13.10.16 Sartosa Buccaneers vs The Mousillion Patriots
13.10.16 Anlashok Revalations vs Saphery White Towers
13.10.16 Pastafarians vs Greenleaf Shamblers

Good luck coaches!


Human Teams

The Middenhein Manhuters and Ragnars Swift Velocity were the first human teams in the HDWSBBL. They both debuted in the inaugral 2506/07 season.

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