Season 11 – Weeks 2-5 – Monthy Roundup!

BH: My word!!! It’s been crazy trying to get the gits behind the scenes to write down our thoughts and now we have to totally rewrite the entire thing!

LG: I knowz wot you mean short man. Dem admins iz gonna pay! (Stomps out of the room with a 10lb lump hammer).

BH: So what we will do to catch up is review each team in no particular order and round up what they have been up to, it may however turn into a tactics corner for the teams (I am writing this on the fly since Loktar has buggered off!).

New World Conference

White Lighting

Apart from having the wrong spelling of their team name (please refer to the Manhunters!) the Lightning have been having a stormer! With only the one loss to Ragnar’s Raiders they are hot contenders now to win the Conference. Their star player K has also been notching up the touchdowns for the team where they have kept an average of scoring 3 a match! Their only downside is actually having a team to put out, with constant injuries and having to hire in help, if they don’t keep on top of this they could soon be finding their top players out too.

Reptile Dysfunction

It gets bad to worse for the Lizards as they still cannot secure that all important win. It doesn’t mean they aren’t trying hard enough as they managed to claim a point against the Blackwell Tunnel Rats (and they themselves claiming their first point) and they do actually cause a far amount of casualties. But what’s lacking is the team synergy and the overall match tactics. They need to do some serious training in order to get the best out of the team but also to play as one unit. It’s all well smashing things but they need to start caging that ball and using the skinks effectively. My thought however is it may be too late for them to salvage anything from this season and focus on getting those tactics right for next year.

Nahuontl Natterjacks

The Natterjacks started well and turned a few heads in the Blood Bowling world, however they didn’t get them to stand up as a loss and a draw caused all their momentum to stop. The issue they have had is once they are winning they can’t seem to hold that lead, and when they start loosing players they also loose that lead. It’s not uncommon for this to happen but it seems to happen each game. They need to be more careful in keeping their players out of harms way, they can leap around. The Natterjacks still have a chance to make the Championship but they need to defend better.

Ragnar’s Raiders

A slow start for the Raiders saw them near the bottom of the table, but after the loss against the Ravens the team seems revitalised! And all for the better going on a three match winning streak. To top it all off their Snow Troll almost pulled off a Bloodgate! They now find themselves near the top with only White Lighting in their path, a slip up from them could see them hitting top. However the Conference is still very tight with only a few points separating the teams. They need to keep up the hard hitting power and get those wins to keep on the path to the Championship and the Conference title.

Osterwald Ravens

Despite having some good wins the Ravens are struggling to keep any form what-so-ever. Their luck seems to differ from game to game, which is not entirely down to missing players either. Nuffle seems to be rolling a dice for each game they play which is not good new for the Ravens if they want to keep up the race for the title. They can still do it, but they must win the last remaining games they have to stand any chance of it. Any more losses and it could be the League Cup for them.

Kardashian Korsairs

Another team who has had a mixed bag of luck and results. Like the Ravens they need to start winning the matches and fast if they want to make it to the Championship. My feeling is they have to start getting more opposing players off the pitch, and quicker. They have the skills and the players to do this but they need to start doing this and not relying on lucky breaks to score touchdowns. With the skill they have they should be able to do it.

The Deadly Spawn

After a great win against the Ravens the Spawn have done little else. Mainly due to injuries but also down to luck. However they do have a habit of coming back from almost certain death. They need to defend better as their offensive game is pretty good and effective. With the Krokigor in their ranks this should make it easier for them.

The Fury Little Animals

With the two very skill full warriors the Animals should be crushing it, but they also become the biggest target of opponents. The Animals need to come up with alternative plans to score and overcome obstacles if this happens. Also they need to start hitting more things and cause more damage than they already do. They need to watch their back as if they keep loosing matches they will find themselves in the shield.

Blackwell Tunnel Rats

Much like the Lizards they are struggling in the Conference. Mainly through injuries they struggle coping with loosing players. They have to come up with some tactics to deal with this and use their gutter runners more effectively.

Old World Conference

The Chaos Brawl Stars

The Stars are really flying high with a 100% record and smashing teams left right and centre. Three big guys really make all the difference with this team. The only team at present I can see them loosing to is the Patriots. If they beat them the title is theirs!

Greenleaf Shamblers

The poor old Janitor really has had his work cut out for him with this team. Underperforming and not really doing much else. It’s a different kettle of fish when coaching us Halflings. He really needs to focus on getting the offensive right and making his players read the game better. Don’t worry much what the opponent is doing but what his players are doing. Form that lunchbox and rumble down the pitch, use the throw fling play only when you need to score, or desperation.

Bridgetown Yellowbellies

The Yellowbellies are really flying the flag for the Halfling teams in the league. Smashing the record of the Rainbows they are still unbeaten! Insane stuff, could we really see a Halfling team in the Championship? I sure do hope so. They need to get those all important wins to do so, but I believe they do have the power and the hope to do it.


The Orcs are slowly starting to play like Orcs should play. But they need to start hitting harder and caging the ball more to score. They have a lot of bottle with the passes and the Goblin throwing but they need to work harder on their defensive game to bring home more wins.

The Mousillion Patriots

Another unbeaten team and the only team at present who I feel can challenge the Brawl Stars. It will be a tough match when they play but they have the skill and players to do it.

Sartosa Buccaneers

Where to start with this team. They need to focus more on the game and not so much on hurting the other team. Much like the Ravens they are in no form, and seem to cock up the most simplest of plays. They need to go back to the drawing board and go over their mistakes so they don’t happen again. A real shame as they had the potential to really challenge the top.

Saphery White Towers

Another team who have not fulfilled their potential. With some pretty bad luck in their matches it’s going to be hard for them to re-group and push on. However once they can sort out their tactics and passing game, they really will be unplayable. A hot prospect for sure maybe next season.

Cirque du Gobbo

It’s always fun when a Goblin team are in town, but they just cannot go the distance. Much like a bloke who can’t handle their drink. More weapons and more maiming and they can really push on the make the League cup.

Anlashok Revalations

With 0 points the Elves really cannot Elf. With some embarrassing results they really need to start picking up the ball and just score! They cant even seem to do that well. My advice is to scrap whatever tactics they had and come up with better ones. Either that or watch videos of old Rangers matches to get ideas on how to play properly!

BH: And that wraps up this very overdue round up. Back to normal service next time we hope! Now I just need to head off and find Loktar!

Quick Summary of Weeks

  • 14 games in North Division – New World Conference League 2516/17
  • 14 games in South Division – Old World Conference League 2516/17
  • 92 Touchdowns scored
  • 95 Casualties caused (13 resulted in Death)
  • 73 Completions made
  • 3 Interceptions made
  • 28,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Weeks

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

New World Conference League 2516/17 – North Division

Old World Conference League 2516/17 – South Division

Obituaries for Week

Player Statistics for the 2516/17 Season

Best Players

# Player Position Team Value
1 K Catcher White Lighting 27
2 Ruppel Kurz Catcher Osterwald Ravens 26
3 Lin Greeny Blitzer Pastafarians 24
Jaego Roth Blitzer Sartosa Buccaneers 24
5 Loxon Hrill Dark Elf Renegade The Chaos Brawl Stars 20
Lupus Varg Werewolf The Mousillion Patriots 20
7 Omega Catcher White Lighting 17
8 Strongbow Thrower White Lighting 16
Leopold Gostahoffer Thrower Osterwald Ravens 16
Bufopochtli Linefrog Nahuontl Natterjacks 16

Top Scorers

# Player Position Team Value
1 K Catcher White Lighting 7
Ruppel Kurz Catcher Osterwald Ravens 7
3 Obsciim the Quick Gutter Runner Blackwell Tunnel Rats 4
Omega Catcher White Lighting 4
Lupus Varg Werewolf The Mousillion Patriots 4
6 Porter Catcher The Deadly Spawn 3
Tzaconqua Skink Reptile Dysfunction 3
Loxon Hrill Dark Elf Renegade The Chaos Brawl Stars 3
Phyllobateotl Catcher Nahuontl Natterjacks 3
Flying Marienburger Catcher Sartosa Buccaneers 3

Most Vicious

# Player Position Team Value
1 Jaego Roth Blitzer Sartosa Buccaneers 7
2 Oaksplint Pinebark Treeman Bridgetown Yellowbellies 3
Diamond White Blitzer White Lighting 3
Norg\\\’Th M\\\’Hthrog Chaos Ogre The Chaos Brawl Stars 3
Ironsprout Treeman Greenleaf Shamblers 3
Albus Lupin Werewolf The Mousillion Patriots 3
Rigger Tony Blitzer Pastafarians 3
Thugg Iceblast Snow Troll Ragnar\’s Raiders 3
9 Tafler Blitzer The Deadly Spawn 2
White Lighting Blitzer White Lighting 2

Top Passers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Leopold Gostahoffer Thrower Osterwald Ravens 9
2 Strongbow Thrower White Lighting 6
Ferdinand Rackham Thrower Sartosa Buccaneers 6
4 Phyllobateotl Catcher Nahuontl Natterjacks 5
5 DeFranco Catcher The Deadly Spawn 4
Swoopin\\\’ Wi\\\’leh Beh\\\’men Thrower Saphery White Towers 4
7 Omega Catcher White Lighting 3
Mek Roni Thrower Pastafarians 3
Gunnar Beerhaus Linesman Ragnar\’s Raiders 3
10 Corpable Snarl Thrower Blackwell Tunnel Rats 2

Top Interceptors

# Player Position Team Value
1 Big Daddy Panzer Chaos Warrior The Fury Little Animals 1
Omega Catcher White Lighting 1
Thugg Iceblast Snow Troll Ragnar\’s Raiders 1

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