2516/17 Play Offs – Predict Off

BH: Well folks we are finally back! And it looks like we are on to the play-offs already!! Before we post our article previewing it we have for you the Sly Sports Predictions League from four of our pundits and former coaches in the HDWSBBL.

LG: Why woz I not asked!!

BH: Perhaps you scared the team off with that lump hammer of yours Loktar? But anyway the rules are simple, the pundits must give their scoreline prediction for each match in the play-offs. They get 1 point for a correct winner and 2 bonus points if they predict the correct scoreline as well as the winner. It’s that simple even Loktar here could understand it!

LG: Look stumpy! Wez gonna fallz out soon!

BH: This year we have expanded to four. The Doc, Kai and JoJo return to give their predictions once more but old fan favourite Gerhard Rockstein of RSV legend now joins the team! His soapboxes were highly popular with the readers with his straight talking reviews and blunt criticisms and we are delighted to welcome him back to the HDWSBBL.

So here are the pundits predictions for the upcoming quarter final matches.

Match The Doc  Gerhard    Kai    JoJo
World Championship Super Bowl XI
 Nahuontl Natterjacks vs Sartosa Buccaneers  3-1  1-2 3-2  2-3
 The Mousillion Patriots vs Kardashian Korsairs  2-1  2-1 2-1  2-1
HDWSBBL League Knockout Cup II
 The Deadly Spawn vs Cirque du Gobbo  2-1  1-2 1-2  3-2
 Blackwell Tunnel Rats vs Bridgetown Yellowbellies  3-1  4-1 3-2  2-3
 Osterwald Ravens vs Pastafarians  3-1  3-2 3-2  2-1
 Ragnar’s Raiders vs Saphery White Towers  1-2  1-2 1-3  1-3

BH: Good luck to our pundits and good luck to all the coaches and teams in the play-offs! Stay tuned for more articles and reports coming over the next couple of days, it’s going to be a busy one!

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