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2516/17 Play Offs – Predict Off Results!

BH: The play-offs proved to be an exciting affair. The first Stunty team to win a Championship, the joint highest scoring Championship Final and the first time a Human team has won a Major Championship since 2507/08 (almost ten years). But how did our pundits get on with their predictions? Here is the final table:

Pundit Points
Gerhard 17
Kai 17
The Doc 16
JoJo 9

We have a tie!!! Gerhard and Kai share the honours in this years predict off! The Doc comes a very close second only a point behind the winners and JoJo finishes last, the final week hurt his as he didn’t gain a single point!

Well done to all the pundits and well done to all the teams who won a Championship this season. We will endevour to bring you a final round up of the season, but for now, thanks for watching and see you next season!

LG: Byyyyyesszzzzzz

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

The Brimstone Flayers were the first team to be crowned World Champions after winning the Championship Cup VI in the new league format during the 2512/13 season.

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