Sly Sports Challenge Cup 2517 is Here!

BH: Well folks it’s almost time to kick start the new season! And what better way to do that than the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup sponsored by Sly Sports. And it’s already looking like the teams are geared up and ready for the off.

LG: Datz right little man, an diz Orc cantz wait to seez whoz playin in diz competition!

BH: Well we will have a quick rundown on the teams who have so far entered but you can be sure there will be a few more to come! But for those who have no idea what the Challenge Cup is and what the competition rules are, here is a quick rundown.


The HDWSBBL Challenge Cup is a championship a-kin to the League Cup/FA Cup in modern football (that silly foot game). Started in 2508 it was intended to serve as a booster for new teams who has the likes of RSV and Rangers to deal with in their first season. After a short period of being a knockout format it moved on to a swiss style format found used in many NAF ranked tournaments. Two years of this format were played until the league moved towards the “NFL” (Some other eggthrowing game) style league format and it was retired for a short period until 2514/15 where it was brought back along with the Vase Championship. This new format went back to being knockout but proved to be heavy on the schedule for teams so it was retired once again. That is until this year where the HDWSBBL have decided to return this small competition. Their reason for starting it up “out of season” is to allow teams who want to play in the HDWSBBL but to not commit to a full season, but to also allow coaches to mannage teams they wouldn’t normally like to in a whole season, and for those veteran teams & coaches who want to play old teams for a short period again to win a Championship.


The format is a Swiss style in which four matches are played starting on the 15th June and ending on the 13th July. (This means two weeks of back to back games, break on 29th June, two more weeks of games). A win rewards you with 30pts, a draw 10pts and a loss 0pts with the normal tiebreakers applying. The first round is a random draw. From then on 1st plays 2nd, 3rd plays 4th and so on for each round and you will not play the same opponent twice. The schedule and draw will take place before the next round once results have been uploaded.

BH: With such a high profile sponsor for this compeition the prize money for the team who finishes first is a staggering 150,000gp! Second place recives 100,000gp and third place with a respectable 50,000gp.

LG: Datz a fair sum to start da new season with!

BH: So who has entered the competition thus far? Here is a quick run down of the latest teams to enter.

Entered Teams

Arcani’s All Sparks

The All Sparks are back. Last time they played in the 2513/14 season and got some success. They finished third in the NWC and made it to the play-offs beating Biohazard DX 3-0 but loosing out to the NWC Champions Talos Tobbacanists 3-2 in a close encounter. The team hasn’t changed since their last match and that is a good thing, being able to play with team mates you already know is a massive advantage over new teams. If they can keep their Rat Ogre and Gutter Runners alive they will be a team to watch out for.

Averheim Eagles

The newest Human team on the block, bringing the leagues total human teams to a whopping 11! Formed by the Halfling Thaddeus Tumblefoot, the Eagles are formed from Averland and take on the culture of Knights. Their stadium is even a castle! Dressed as knights and some even as jesters they are hoping to garner some experience being in the competition. If they play like the Ravens did last season they will do very well indeed. They must watch out for those fast teams however.

Meadow Glade Mustangs

The second new team to enter the competition. Wood elves have had a good spell in the HDWSBBL, who can forget the Rangers of course! But since then no other team have raised their game to those dizzy heights and even the Rangers themselves fell very short on their return in season 10. But the Mustangs could change that, if they take on the mould of the Rangers they could be the next big thing.


After a good campaign last season the Pastafarians are back for more. And this time they mean business. Loosing in a close 2-1 in the League Cup to the Ravens they would of gone on to take the title in many pundits eyes. If they can play as well as they did last season they will be the favourites going into this. Loktar will be watching this team very closely.

Suderholm Snow Leopards

The Leopards return to the HDWSBBL and this time they have a Snow Troll! They held their own in season 10 even beating the Rangers into the dirt! They made it to the Semi-finals of the League Cup but lost out to the Tail Slammers 2-1 in a very unlucky game. They will be looking to push on and take the title to make up for that terrible loss and with a CAS record like theirs they will certainlly give the Pastafairans a run for their money.

BH: Of course there will be more teams to enter but the time is ticking. The draw is scheduled to take place on the evening of the first round as we have just been informed, so it’s everyone’s guess who will be playing who. Either way you can be sure that this competition will be a close affair and we cannot wait to see it all unfold. You can also be sure that you will hear about it here first folks, so keep tuning it to keep up to date with all the action (as long as that Snotling stops shutting down the servers!).

LG: Da Orcz will win!!!! Datz wot will ‘appen!!!


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