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Season 12 – The Draw is Made

Tonight the draw for the NWC and OWC was made in great anticipation and we have the results:


Quenelles Chevaliers (Bretonnian)
New Skaeling Raiders (Norse)
Warpstone Wanderers (Skaven)
Vidarheim Thunder (Norse)
Averheim Eagles (Human)
The Mousillion Patriots (Necromantic)
Nahuontl Natterjacks (Slann)
Ghouly Grabbers (Necromantic)


Atrocity Exhibition (Undead)
Grudge Corsairs (Dwarf)
Pastafarians (Orc)
Bogenhafen Rams (Human)
Chaos All-Stars (Chaos Pact)
The Deadly Spawn (Slann)
Osterwald Ravens (Human)

An exciting draw and a very even one at that. Matches kick off next week but in the meantime look out for the announcement of the fixtures and a team highlight for all teams taking part this season.

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Pulled a Moist!

The Middenhein Manhunters were the first team to have one player score 4 touchdowns in a single game.
Moist Von Lipwig achived this feat in the 2506/07 season match aganist the Highland Nut Crushers. The second team were the Loren Rangers star catcher Elesser Everlong, which was also aganist the Highland Nut Crushers in the 2506/07 season.

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