Season 12 – Kicks Off Tonight!

Tonight the new season kicks off! We have new and old teams returning for this seasons action and you can view the full draw results here. But before it all kicks off (in more ways than one) here is a preview for each conference and a prediction from our very own Basco for how the teams will fare.

New World Conference

The NWC hosts the full complement of teams (eight). You have the likes of the Nahuontl Natterjacks who played fairly well last season making it into the Championship and also New Skaeling Raiders (aka Ragnars Raiders) who were knocked out in the League Cup’s first round. But last years Championship champions The Mousillion Patriots were drawn into the NWC, with moans and grunts by the other coaches and fans. Beating off the top teams last season, apart from drawing with the Bridgetown Yellowbellies of course, to claim their first Championship win was certainly a huge achievement. And being draw with mainly new teams it’s hard to look past them once again to claim the Conference Championship. To stop them along the way however are the new bloods. Quenelles Chevaliers are the leagues first ever Brettonian team proper, the Warpstone Wanderers the latest edition of Skaven team to try their luck, Vidarheim Thunder who join their fellow Norsemen in the NWC, Averheim Eagles who despite coming dead last in the Challenge Cup earlier in the year will want to place slightly better than they did and finally the Ghouly Grabbers, another Necromantic team who complete the conference.

BH: A mix bagged conference in which any of these teams could take the Conference crown. I will have to side with either the Natterjacks and, surprise surprise, the Patriots to win it.

Old World Conference

With only seven teams drawn into the conference it does mean less matches but more importantly, less maiming (boo). But Super Bowl VII champions Atrocity Exhibition will certainly make up for it. They return this season along with the Osterwald Ravens who claimed last seasons League Cup Championship, The Deadly Spawn who came a close second place in the Challenge Cup this year and the Pastafarians the veteran Orc team who participated last season as well. The Grudge Corsairs a new Dwarf team, Bogenhafen Rams a human team lead by the infamous Halfing Ronlad Shortwick and the Chaos All-Stars whom we understand are actually not the legendary team and are just a shell of a copycat team join the others in what will certainly be the most painful conference this season.

BH: All eyes are on Atrocity to take the title, it will be theirs to loose. Other than that I can’t see any other team who would challenge them other than perhaps the Pastafarians.

What do you fans think? Who will take the Conference Championships this season? Let us know in the comments below. Good luck to all teams playing tonight and to the millions of sports fans tuning in tonight, we hope you have an enjoyable season whomever you support!

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  1. In regards to the OWC, I personally feel it’s going to go something like this:
    Atrocity are very much the elephant in the room here, and how each team fares against them is going to shape how their season goes. It’s very much their league to win this year, but that WILL require them to turn up to their games.

    As for the rest, the Ravens impressed me last week, and with two catchers with Blodge and Sidestep, a Str4 Blitzer and a Block Ogre, that team has all the tools it needs to go far. At the very least I’d say they’ve got a strong chance of lifting the League Cup 2 years running. Something that no team has ever done… on account of the League Cup only existing for 3 years total. Assuming they don’t end up in the Championship.

    Grudge Corsairs didn’t excel against Atrocity last week, but who would? It’s going to be difficult to tell if they’re going to do well or not. They may suprise us with a mid-league placement?

    Bogenhafen Rams had a good showing against the Pastafarians, well, let’s be accurate here, Morg had a game against the Pastafarians. The Bogs as I’m now going to call them just kept their heads down and played properly. The Bogs coach lifted the Shield last year, dare he dream to go for the League Cup this year? If the Bogs continue to play like they did against the emmissaries of His Noodly Appendage then this team might prove to be a dark horse.

    A copyright infringement claim waiting to happen, the Chaos Allstars are still awaiting their first game against the Grudge Corsairs, where we’ll be able to properly get the measure of both teams I suspect. Allstars are running a full 3 Big Guy starting lineup, which let’s be honest here is about as sensible as a Chocolate Fireguard, the last coach who tried that was the guy who ran Damage Inc. who had an APALLING run of games.
    Whatever happened to that guy eh?
    If the coach has a decent grasp on what his team is capable of he might do well. Then again if that were true he wouldn’t have bought a troll at the start. Or a Skaven over the Elf.
    I’m not gonna sasstalk this team lineup too much since we all know how the Spawn vs Allstars game is going to go. But you know I want to.

    The Pastafarians had a mixed season last year, but it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a 2nd year Orc team, and this year sees a 100% reduction in dirty cheating elf teams so I’d expect to see them begin to pull ahead. Actually winning Silverware is a big ask, but it’s sure not outside the realm of possiblity.

    So that just leaves Spawn. Who are still pushing their luck as their ENTIRE strategy. Last years post season was stumped in the first round by cheatyface Goblins.
    Whilst I’d be suprised if they were even able to maintain their win/loss ratio from last year, the team continues to go from strength to strength. With the exception of the Apothecary who has proved to be singularily useless for two games straight now. But of course with that growth comes and increase in TV so there are going to be several games that the Spawn are going to have to contend with star players, something they had big problems with in the past. A contest in the Shield may beckon, but like everyone else in the division, it’s too tight to properly call.


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