2517/18 Play-Offs Wild Card Round

The wild card round took play yesterday as the hopeful teams lined up and down the country to win themselves some final silverware before the end of another season.

World Championship Super Bowl XII

The Grabbers took on a very shaky Atrocity team who had not won a match in their previous three. It was right there for the Grabbers to advance into the next round, but instead of playing the match, they quickly threw in the towel and conceded the match early into the first half. Dumbfounded fans were left disappointed with the outcome but it means Atrocity are through to the next round and break their duck. They will face off against the Chevaliers.

The Patriots were the favorites going into this match, the the Deadly Spawn came into the game with a bit about themselves and gave the Patriot fans a big scare as they ran in the first touchdowns. Determined not to loose match and keep the dreams of a back to back Championship alive the Patriots smashed their way through the Slann, taking out six players in the process and drew the game to a close with a 2-1 win. The Patriots take on the Osterwald Ravens in the next round.

HDWSBBL League Knockout Cup III

With Vidarheim Thunder into the League Cup it was time for them to stop drawing matches and actually see a game out. They did just this as they took apart the Rams in a very convincing 3-1 win. The Rams tried their best to get something out of the match but the Thunder were too strong for them. They now go on to face the Wanderers in the Semi-final.

The Corsairs certainly crack the whip this time as they played right out of their skin and smashed the Eagles throughout the match. Although the Eagles tried to get something out of this match the Corsairs proved too much for them, and they will have to regroup and try again next season. The Corsairs are now treated to a bash feast against the Pastafarians.

The Fury Animal Frenzy

The Natterjacks had finally woken up and showed their potential which they had last season. Everything went right for them in this match and just at the right moment too! A advantage surely in this competition so long as they get at least a point against the All Starz. The Raiders didn’t show up in this game sadly but hopefully they will push on forward next season.


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