2517/18 Play Offs Semi-Finals

It was semi-finals time last night and the Conference Champions entered into the competition. With a place in the final on the line it’s make or break for every team. Here is what happened.

World Championship Super Bowl XII

Osterwald Ravens vs The Mousillion Patriots 0 – 1 (2 – 3)

In what could of been billed as the highlight match of the semi-finals it sadly didn’t deliver this promise. Both teams under performed in this bout but the Ravens particularly proved to be the worst team after a lot of very bad and unlucky plays in which the Patriots, in true professional manner, capitalized on this and made the Ravens pay. The Patriots have made it back to back finals in the Championship and now have the chance to become two time winners alongside the greats.

Quenelles Chevaliers vs Atrocity Exhibition 2 – 1 (2 – 1)

The Chevaliers kept their cool in their debut match of the Championship play offs. Sticking to their defensive game pain to which they have performed to quite effectively all season they saw off Atrocity who really didn’t challenge them at all despite their tendency to murder everything they see. Not a semi-final to remember for the former champions but the Chevaliers will be delighted to advance and have a shot at doing the golden double this season.

HDWSBBL League Knockout Cup III

Warpstone Wanders vs Vidarheim Thunder 0 – 2 (1 – 2)

The Wanderers were without their killer wizard during this match which could be one of the reasons they lost. However it wasn’t the case as the inform Thunder kept the train rolling and indeed rolled over the Wanderers in a very convincing manner worthy of a title winning performance. The Wanderers could of perhaps gotten back into the match but a few unlucky plays which didn’t go their way and the brute force of the Thunder sealed them to their fate. Thunder will certainly be the team to watch in the final.

Pastafarians vs Grudge Corsairs 2 – 1 (1 – 1)

On paper it looked like it would be a classic Orc v Dwarf match and it was…..just without a lot of injuries to either team. The veterans Pastafarian team proved to be too much for the rookie Dwarfs as they blew passed two to seal the win and a grand final spot. The Corsairs can walk away however with their heads held up after a decent season and some great performances. The Pastafarians however take away the title of Pirate Kings!

The Fury Animal Frenzy

Nahuontl Natterjacks vs Ragnar’s Raiders 3 – 0 (2 – 1)

The Natterjacks needed only to win and the Shield would be theirs. However the copycat All-Starz decided to change this, not only did they draw with the Natterjacks but they totally humiliated them by allowing their Minotaur to score their two touchdowns. The Natterjacks took this badly and really caused them to loose their heads, had they of focused more on the match then they would of been walking away champions. They will now have to hope that either the Raiders win, or the All-starz draw or score less than two touchdowns.

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