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Who is the best coach in league history?

To break the fourth wall for a bit, one of the most common arguments is “who is the best coach in the HDWSBBL”. At present we have ways of tracking statistics across teams, seasons, competitions etc, but there is no way for coaches to really take a look and see how they are doing on the whole. Until now

If you head over to the Owners page you will able to see the full details of your performance in the HDWSBBL. Who was your best team? How many championships have you won? How many Star Players have you used? How many players have died under your watch? All of these (and more) can now be discovered.

One thing I did want to add is the statistic of “coach you have faced the most often” but sadly I need to make a few database changes for that unless you want to wait a good 30 seconds for it to generate! I will save that for next time along with more detailed statistics of races so the “Best coach of a race” debate can have accurate figures to use / hide from 🙂

I believe I can speak for Alex when I say thank you to all the coaches, regardless of if you have been here year after year, or if you only managed a few games. When we started this league way back in 2006 we had no idea it would still be going strong (I did hope I would win a few more games then I did but nevermind). Hopefully, there are many more seasons to come.

I also know this website is sometimes held together with more bandages then Ramtut the 3rd, and slower than a Beast of Nurgle so I appreciate the patience while we slowly get things up to date (If the website was a living being it would be old enough to be in secondary school!).

So go forth, have a look, and remember to torment anybody who has worse stats than you – if they have a problem they can settle it with a good old game of Blood Bowl!

3 Responses to “Who is the best coach in league history?”

  1. JoJo
    on said:

    Well, it’s Ben right? MAYBE Ade with is 7 championships in only 63 games? But a stable 65% winrate over that many games speaks volumes.

  2. The Doc
    on said:

    You poor deluded fools. You’ve placed false champions in my place. 67% win rate, only 9 lost games, 7 trophies in 5 years. The only triple champion in HDWSBBL history. It is The Doc who is the greatest.

  3. Kokopelli
    on said:

    The doc is the Jose Mourinho of bloodbowl might get you a trophy but the fans will die of boredom – only 99 TD scored

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