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Chanelf Challenge Cup – Draw and First Round

Tonight sees the start of season  14 with the Chanelf Challenge Cup. Here is a list of the teams who are taking part in this competition:

(D) – Debut
(RT) – Returning Team


The draw took place and the following fixtures were drawn:


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HDWSBBL - Did You Know


During the second week in the World Series 2011 the league saw it’s first death by consumption and death by a players own team-mate all in one match! Although the two are combined it was a spectacle which was later watched in slow-motion to confirm the Goblin’s death! It was the Lighting Claws star troll Hadory the Hornet that ate poor young Shell Six (If that’s his real name). Fortunately for the fans it came as no great loss and the troublesome troll even got to play the rest of the match as he caused most of the Elves watching the match to either pass out or run to the bathroom rather quickly.

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