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Chanelf Challenge Cup – Draw and First Round

Tonight sees the start of season  14 with the Chanelf Challenge Cup. Here is a list of the teams who are taking part in this competition:

(D) – Debut
(RT) – Returning Team


The draw took place and the following fixtures were drawn:


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HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Finals are our Speciality

Finals are the HDWSBBL speciality. The 2506/07 season had a total of 112,000 fans turned up to the finals and 3rd place play off. The 2507/08 season had a total of 184,000 fans, inculding the final of each championship cup an average of 61,333 a final. The 2508/09 season had an amazing 240,000 fans turn up and average of 60,000 fans each final and the 2509/10 season had a whopping 238,000 fans turn up an average of 79,333 a match! A note to the reader that the 2509/10 season also featured only three finals compaired to the normal four.

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