Chanelf Challenge Cup Third Round Fixtures & Predictions

After last weeks frenzy the action doesn’t let up as we see these teams fighting it out tonight (don’t forget to keep up to date with the results as they come in on our Twatter feed):

It’s getting pretty tight at both ends of the table as we can see here:

Themysciran Thunderers 2 2 0 0 4 1 3 7 2 5 60
Barack Varr Dreadnauts 2 2 0 0 3 1 2 4 1 3 60
Gaen Vale Stags 2 1 0 1 6 4 2 4 5 -1 30
Norsca Wild Fire 2 1 0 1 3 1 2 3 4 -1 30
The Bloated Bile Blitzers 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 3 4 -1 30
Bridgetown Bantams 2 1 0 1 1 2 -1 6 3 3 30
Akumal City Rainmakers 2 0 2 0 3 3 0 4 2 2 20
The Tlaqua Spacehoppers 2 0 1 1 3 4 -1 1 2 -1 10
Hobbiton Gardeners 2 0 1 1 1 4 -3 3 5 -2 10
Pastafarian Juniaz 2 0 0 2 2 6 -4 1 8 -7 0

So lets get our pundits predictions on the result of each match and see what they make of it all. Over to you.

Themysciran Thunderers vs Barack Varr Dreadnauts

A top tier clash that surely sees the winner with one hand on the cup, The Thunderers and Dreadnauts both surely fancy their chances in a must-must win fixture, who will step up, and who will step off?

Skritch’n’Skratch: 2-1 “Hmmm, wez will NEVER like da stunty wunz. Wez pick da ‘ommie girlies.”

Altann Octopunch: 1-1 “Ah, the old classic, Dodgers vs Tacklers… If the Thunderers were elves then the lack of dodge wouldn’t matter and I’d pick them for the win… Alas, they are not, so this will be an even game. Those Amazons do like their Elfy shenanigans though!

Jojo Kerwin: 1-2

Lin Greeny: 0 – 2. Well, dis iz goin’ ter be a game ter …wimper… pleez da blood godz! Dem Stunties are goin’ ter tackle an smash dem dodgin’ girls ter a messy pulp.

Gaen Vale Stags vs Norsca Wild Fire

The Stags were bullied by what is proving to be a pretty toothy-teethless team in the Thunderers, who seem as interested in destroying their opposition as they are in playing Bloodbowl, but will look to get back to winning ways with a slim chance at still lifting the cup if results go their way. Lacklustre against the Blitzers, The Wildfire found their stride last week, and will look to ‘submarine’ their way up the table this week.

Skritch’n’Skratch: 3-2 “Da pointy-earz might get smashed, but deyz know how’ta score. Pointy-staggy-Gaen boyz will win”.

Altann Octopunch: 2-1 “Gaen Vale proved in their match how good Elves can be, scoring with just 3 players on the pitch (Although of course, we Sea Elves could have done this with even less…) If the Norse bash game takes out the elf dash strategy, then The Wild Fire are in with a slim chance. But I don’t think this will be a problem for The Stags”.

Jojo Kerwin: 3-1

Lin Greeny: 2 – 3. Dis wun iz definitelee goin’ ter be a draw. Dem panzy Skinnies woz on fire against da Juniaz in round 1, but got smasheded by da amazons in round 2.  Meeb tink da Norse team will giv dim sum trubble.

The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Bridgetown Bantams

Narrowly losing the ‘bash-off’ to the Dreadnauts last week will have motivated the Blitzers to make a push to capitalise on any mistakes made at the top of the table this week. The Bantams are on the up, however, and will look to continue their momentum into week three.

Skritch’n’Skratch: 1-2 “Wez like cake. Cake is gud. Wez don’t like slime. Da smellyboyz shud looz coz da stunties shud be cunning…”.

Altann Octopunch: 2-1 “This game will sticky fingers all round! The slime of The Blitzers vs the cake-covered hands of The Bantams. I’d say lime is stickier than icing sugar and with a beast that can match a treeman in power then the little guys are going to get slimed bad. Maybe it’s best for The Bantams to go over the Blitzer’s heads than under them!”

Jojo Kerwin: 1-0

Lin Greeny: 4 – 2. Enough bile, rot an festerin’ bodiss ter spoil eben da bestest ‘Alfling chef’z ‘otpot!  Meeb kan see da nurgle team gainin’ a few more rottaz ter their rosta by da end o’ dis game!

Akumal City Rainmakers vs Pastafarian Juniaz

The Rainmakers seem to be the leagues resident draw specialists, but will have to hope for a better result against the basement team of the competition. However, if the Juniaz stars align, they could be in for a huge win to kick start their season with a late run of success.

Skritch’n’Skratch: 2-2 “Da froggy leapy wunz will score, but uz gobbos are sneaky…. Wez wil be eatin frogz legz like Bretty Boyz…!”

Altann Octopunch: 3-1 “A similar match to The Spacehoppers vs The Gardeners, but with the added bonus of weapons! The rainmaker will have to score early to take out those weapon: no one likes a chainsaw (or anything else the Greenskins can get their cheating little hands on, such as blenders. I hear they like putting frog in blenders….!) The Rainmakers should be okay here, but will have to watch out for that Doom Diver…”.

Jojo Kerwin: 3-2

Lin Greeny: 3 – 1 Gobbos Vs Frogs, wot kan meeb say. dis iz eiver goin’ ter be a complete tromp ober by da Frogs, or a secret wepin induceded blood bad in da Juniaz favour. But meeb godda say, dat goin’ by their scurry o’ luck in da per-vious twuu rounds, da Juniaz wuud be lucky ter eben git ter use their secret weapons!

The Tlaqua Spacehoppers vs Hobbiton Gardeners

The Spacehoppers take on the Gardeners in what is familiar territory for the ‘Flings. The residents of Hobbiton will need to maximise the impact of their hired ringers and treemen, while the Spacehoppers will look to go one better than their Slann rivals, who could only draw in the corresponding fixture. With no hope of lifting the cup, this game is all about pride and climbing the table.

Skritch’n’Skratch: 2-2 “Neva team is gud enuf to win, so wez fink itza scorey-drawey”.

Altann Octopunch: 5-1 “Both teams have yet to actually win a match so this should see all the stops pulled out Everyone loves the fighting ‘flings, but if those trees can be avoided, The Space Hoppers are on for their first win…”

Jojo Kerwin: 2-1

Lin Greeny: 3 – 2 Da Frogs shud win dis wun, so lon’z dat chef doesn’t nick too many re-rolls, an ony tree frogs on da team manaj ter stay away from da big greun leafy stuff in da Gardenaz team.


Our pundits have made their views on the match! Tune in tonight to see who will make their move in round three!

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  1. I honestly can’t remember half of these predictions, but people tend to deliberately throw games to spite me when I make them so who cares.
    As for the Rainmakers, that wasn’t a prediction, that was coaching. They came to me and asked for tips, and I flat out told ’em: “The juniors can score at least twice, and you can’t stop them. So you’ll need to score AT LEAST three times to win.”
    I’d like to think the Spawn could do it, although we always had big problems with Goblins ourselves.

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